Holton Gets Offer, Decision Could Come Soon

Thomasville, Georgia safety Fred Holton grew up as a fan of one school. Holton's recent visit to Georgia Tech didn't change those feelings. Holton talked about the visit and names his top three.

Fred Holton - Profile

How did the Junior Day visit go at Georgia Tech?

"It went great. It was a trip that I really liked a lot. I got a chance to see the whole campus and came away with an offer. Coach Johnson asked me to come into his office. He told me that he was very impressed with my film and that I would be a great player at Tech. He then gave me my offer. I was very excited to get it. Tech has been my favorite college since I was a little kid growing up and they are my favorite now. I really like the city of Atlanta and really feel Tech is the place for me."

What else did Coach Johnson tell you?

"He said now that I have my offer that I should go home and talk it over with my parents and head coach. He wants me to be 100% sure if I choose Georgia Tech. He said that he really wants me at Tech but for me to be sure."

How do you feel about what Coach Johnson told you?

"I feel that Georgia Tech is the place for me but I will take his advice and make completely sure before I make my decision. My Mom keeps on telling me to choose the place where my heart is and that I will be happy with that decision."

What else did you do on your visit to Tech?

"We toured the campus and saw all the facilities. I got a chance to see the athletic facilities and they showed us how to schedule our day as student-athletes which is very important. We got a chance to see all the academic facilities and support they offer the players. They talked about academics to us and how important they are and the basic things we need to do to maintain our scholarships like the tutoring and support groups."

Thomasville High is the Bulldogs, so you feel you want to be a Yellow Jacket in college?

"Tech is in my heart and I feel that being a Yellow Jacket in college is what I want to do."

What other schools are you looking at right now?

"I have heard from Clemson, Florida, and Coach Bobo from Georgia came by too."

Do you have a top list of schools right now?

"Yes sir, I do. Georgia Tech is my leader by far with Florida in second and Clemson as my number three team."

Have you been invited to any other Junior Days?

"I've been invited to Clemson and Georgia but my Mom says I need to choose one and go to it. I'm not sure which one I will go to or if I will go to another one."

So it sounds like you are close to a decision then?

"Yes sir, I just need to be sure like Coach Johnson says. He's a great coach and you can tell he wants what is best for me and I will do what he asks of me before making a decision."

Dale's Take:

Fred was very excited about his trip to Georgia Tech. He laughed when we talked about his high school being called the Bulldogs but he feels he will become a Yellow Jacket in college. To me it seems it is just a matter of time before Fred pulls the trigger and commits to Georgia Tech. He is that high on them as his college choice.

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