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Even though the trip was a short one, Etowah High School lineman Reid Webster came away impressed by what he saw on his trip to Georgia Tech's Elite Junior Day. Reid spoke about the campus and when he'll be making his college choice.

Reid Webster - Profile

How did your trip to Atlanta and Georgia Tech go for their Junior Day?

"It went well even though we had to leave before lunch as we had some previous plans. We enjoyed ourselves on the trip."

What did you get to do in the short amount of time you were there?

"Well, I loved everything that we did get a chance to see on the trip. We toured the campus and I really enjoyed the stadium and the facilities. The players lounge, the locker room, weight room, cafeteria, and the coaches offices are top notch. I loved how they have the stadium set up and all the facilities right there. I was very impressed with all that."

Did you come away with an offer and who is your recruiting coach?

"No sir, not just yet. Georgia Tech coaches said they wanted to see more of me on film and in camps. I don't have any offers just yet and I feel once I hit the camps they will come in for me. Coach Brian Bohannon is my recruiting coach for Georgia Tech."

What schools are recruiting you right now?

"Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech and Alabama are the ones I am hearing the most from at this time."

Do you have a favorite from those three?

"No sir, I would have to say all are even as it is very early in my recruiting process."

Do you have any more Junior Day visits set up or plan on going to Georgia Tech's 2nd Junior Day?

"I am pretty sure I will be going to Vanderbilt's on March 21st and I have been invited to several others but I probably will not be going to those. I probably will not go to the other one for Tech as I've seen a lot of the campus before and we did see most everything there on the first Junior Day. We just missed lunch and the talks the coaches had to the recruits."

What are you looking for in a school?

"Academics will play a big part in my decision. I have a 27 on the ACT and I have a 90% GPA in high school. I want to major in a field that will help me with sports medicine. I don't really want to go to a big city but I can get past it if the school has everything else for me. I'm not saying that it has to be a small town campus though."

Do you have a time that you feel will be the best time for making a college decision?

"Yes sir, I feel sometime in the middle of my senior year is when I will make my decision. I don't want for it to drag out longer than that if possible."

What are your measureables to date?

"I am 6' 5" and weigh 265 pounds and run a 5.1 forty."

Dale's Take:

Reid is one of those recruits that comes across as very humble and is extremely polite. I have a feeling he will play his recruiting process close to the vest and gather a lot of information about all the schools that are looking at him and the ones he likes. He will be very studious in making his decision and it will be one that is well informed.

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