Shawn Kitchens Enjoys Visit To Georgia Tech

Accompanied by his mom and several family members, Banneker athlete Shawn Kitchens took a midweek visit to Georgia Tech. They had a chance to see the Georgia Tech campus and also had a chance to take a closer look at the academic side of things at Georgia Tech.

Shawn Kitchens - Profile

I understand you and members of your family just got back from Georgia Tech?

"Yes sir, my mom and a couple of other family members went with me to see Georgia Tech. We wanted to meet the coaches and check out the academics at Georgia Tech."

How did that trip go for you?

"It was pretty cool. We really enjoyed the trip. I got a real good look at the academic side of Georgia Tech. I liked what I saw a lot. My mom really loved what they had to say, and she thinks the academics at Tech are great. We got a chance to meet and talk with the assistant coaches and with head coach Paul Johnson. I like the staff at Tech a lot. They have a good coaching staff at Tech."

What did Coach Johnson have to say to you?

"He talked about the future of the Georgia Tech program. He feels they are starting something very special at Tech and he told me that he very much wanted me to be a part of that future. He also gave me an official offer while I was there. I was very glad to get that offer. Coach Johnson is a very nice guy. I like him a lot. One thing that I really got a kick out of was when we were talking to the coaches as a whole, the defensive coaches said they wanted me on their side of the ball and when we talked with the offensive coaches, they said they were going to get me on that side of the ball if I came to Georgia Tech. It is nice to know that all the coaches wanted me no matter which ones they were. I think Coach Johnson said I was being recruited to play linebacker though."

Now that you have an offer from Georgia Tech, where does that leave them in your recruiting process?

"I am very interested in Georgia Tech, very interested. Right now I would have to say they are my leader of all the schools that are recruiting me and have offered me. Georgia Tech really seems like it is the place for me and they are at the top of my list of schools. Still, I will keep my options open but Tech is on top right now."

What other schools have offered you?

Georgia Tech joins Ole Miss, Kentucky, and West Virginia as the schools that have offered me.

Do you have any Junior Days lined up?

"I know I will be going to Michigan State, Clemson, and Kentucky for Junior Days. I'm not sure if I have or will set up any others though."

How about spring practices, any ones you will be going to?

"I'm sure I will be going to some practices but I'm not sure which teams they will be or what dates they will be."

How about a time frame for a decision?

"I will probably use my senior season to help me with my recruiting so I will take my time on making a decision. So far I am enjoying the recruiting process but I am sure by the time it starts winding down I will be ready for it to be over. As of now I am having a good time with it."

What other sports are you playing?

"I am playing basketball for Banneker High School. We will be in the playoffs. I play the 3 and 4 positions on the team and we hope we can really do well in the playoffs."

Dale's Take:

Shawn was an extremely pleasant interview. All answers with yes sir, no sir and he had very well thought out answers about his trip. You could tell he really enjoyed the trip to Georgia Tech. He said his Mom was very impressed and liked Georgia Tech a lot, especially what they have to offer in their academics. Top Stories