Cornileus Visits Two Schools This Weekend

Tyrone Cornileus made two unofficial visits this weekend. The first was a campus visit to Georgia Tech and the other was as a part of South Carolina's Junior Day.

Tyrone Cornileus - Profile

You made a couple of visits this weekend?

"Yes sir, my family and I made a trip down to Georgia Tech on Friday and then on Saturday I went to South Carolina for their junior day?

How did the trip to Georgia Tech go?

"It went really well. In fact it gave me a whole new outlook about their campus. I've seen the campus a lot from the interstate as my Mom works at the CNN building and now that I've made a tour of the campus, I was blown away and very impressed with how the school and campus is laid out. I really like how the campus is set up. I got a chance to see the campus as a whole and really liked it. They showed us the academic side of Georgia Tech; how they really stress how important it is to get a good, quality education while you are in college. I also saw the football facilities and came away very impressed. The weight room, locker room, and equipment room are top notch. I had a chance to talk with all the coaches a lot; one-on-one with Coach Johnson, Coach Brian Jean-Mary, and Coach Wommack."

What did Coach Johnson talk with you about?

"He first asked me what I thought my strengths were as a football player and what type of player I am. He then talked to me about what he would expect out of me as a football player and a student. He really went over both parts with me. He and both Coach BJ (position and recruiting coach) and Coach Wommack said they liked me as a Wolf position player, sort of a rover/hybrid outside linebacker/safety player. I really enjoyed and liked how they laid it all out for me. Coach Johnson also likes to talk one on one with all the players he offers and told me to take my visits to be sure once I make a commitment."

What do you think of the coaching staff there and could you see yourself playing for them?

"I know they are a tight group of coaches that really work well together and want the best out of you and the best for you as a person. I definitely could see myself playing for them."

How did the Junior Day go at South Carolina?

"It went very well too. I went up with my friend Michael Thornton. I really enjoyed my time there. For the first time, I had a chance to take some time and see their campus and facilities. They have a new facility that houses the player injury rehab equipment and offices. In it they have a cool underwater treadmill. I got a chance to walk out onto the field and see the stadium and talked with Coach Spurrier and Coach Ward who is both my position coach and recruiting coach at South Carolina. All-in-all it went very well. I got a chance to see some things I haven't seen before and talked with two of their coaches."

How would you compare the two visits?

"I got to do more one on one stuff at Georgia Tech and meet every coach there. At South Carolina it was their Junior Day so there was a lot to do in less time. I'd rate them about the same."

Do you have anything else lined up before the summer?

"I hope to take a few more visits, maybe to Auburn, Alabama, Miami, and Georgia. I know I will be going to spring practices at Georgia Tech, South Carolina, and Florida."

Do you have a time table for a decision?

"Yes sir I do. I hope to have one made by the time senior season starts. Ideally I want it to be made before the summer but a couple of the visits I make might be in the summer so that might make it tough but I will have it made by the time senior season starts. I plan on graduating early so I want the decision to be made and have all the work done so I can enroll early for college."

Have you decided on a college major?

"Yes sir, I really want to head into the engineering field. Maybe Chemical or Mechanical or if possible go into Architecture.

What factors will determine your college choice?

"First off, do they have what I want academically as I want to go into engineering and that's important. Secondly, how quick can I get onto the field as I want to be able to contribute to the team as much as possible. Thirdly, the comfort level when I am at the school is an important factor and lastly, the school has to a have a good winning tradition."

What are your current measurables?

"I am 6'2" and weigh 196 pounds and run a 4.41 40."

Dale's Take:
Tyrone was caught off guard as to how the Tech campus really is. He said he's been by there many time on the interstate but it was vastly different in person. He felt like he was in a small town once on campus. He really liked the coaches at Tech and felt they work great together. At South Carolina he liked talking with Coach Spurrier and saw new things there that he hadn't seen before on a couple of previous trips there. Tyrone will make a few more visits and then make a decision but one thing that will play heavily in his decision will be if the school has a good engineering department and he gets along with the coaches. Top Stories