Jeffrey Whitaker Receiving National Interest

With his high school exit exam coming up in three weeks, Warner Robins defensive tackle Jeffrey Whitaker only has plans for one Junior Day visit. Whitaker talks about his plans for the spring and the latest on his recruitment.

Jeffrey Whitaker - Profile

How is your recruitment going?

"Man, it's going good. I really am enjoying my recruiting time and I know it will be even more fun as the process goes on. It's all good right now."

How many offers do you have right now?

"Right now I have about 13 to 14 offers from across the country."

What are the main schools that have offered you?

"The main ones I can remember right off the top of my head are Georgia Tech, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Miami, Oregon, California, South Carolina, Clemson and Alabama."

Do you have a favorite from that group?

"No sir, I really can't say that I do. I am so wide open right now that I can't imagine saying one school is in front of another. I am in the early stages of my recruiting so I have to be open and see what all the schools have before I can even decide who my top schools are, let alone decide on which school I am going to go to. To be honest, everybody is a favorite."

Do you have any plans for visits as in Junior Days or spring practices?

"I really don't have much in order of visits set up as I will be taking my high school exit exam in about three weeks. However, I am going to Auburn on March 7th for their Junior Day. I might go to Georgia for some of their spring practices."

What factors will determine your college choice?

"First off, I will not go to a school that just gives me hype and tells me what they think I want to hear. I want honesty and for the coaches to be upfront and truthful to me. I just want a fair chance and opportunity to play and show what I can do. Also, I want to major in Business Management and the school has to have a great degree in that field. I know this is just not a four year decision I am making, it will be one that I will be making to set me up for the rest of my life and I want that degree to really mean something. I will also look at two other things, who is in front of me and what type of players are coming in with me. The other thing is the environment at the school. Are the other players, coaches, and people around ones that I will enjoy. Add all that up and that's where I will go."

How about a time frame on a decision?

"I am in no real hurry to decide. I mean if I go to a couple of schools in the summer and I really like one, then I might end it but right now I plan on going through my senior year to decide. I might even just narrow it down to a couple of schools on signing day and use a week to decide between them after signing day. This only comes around once and I am going to enjoy it. It's all good to me. The recruiting process isn't pressure to me at all. I won't rush it."

How about Warner Robins? How do you look for your last year?

"Man the past couple of years have been ones that Warner Robins isn't used to having. We went 5-5 last year and that's not Warner Robins. This year we will bring it. We will be bringing our A game and get Warner Robins back to what the high school is used to putting on the field."

Dale's Take:

Jeffrey was a blast to interview. We talked about his past when he lived in Macon and went to Northeast High School and the past Warner Robins teams, like the 1976 team that won the MNC for high schools. He really wants his last year to be one that is up to those standards from past Warner Robins teams. As for the recruiting process, he will be one that will really enjoy it. He won't care if he is asked three times a day which school he is going attend. He wants to be treated with honesty and just be given a fair chance to show what he can do and go from there. Top Stories