LB Whitmire Keeping Busy With Visits

Spartanburg High School linebacker Andre Whitmire has kept busy with junior day visits and he has more visits planned. Andre has a few schools that he likes but at this point he is keeping them to himself so he can go through his recruiting process without the big pressure from schools to make an early decision.

Andre Whitmire - Profile

How is the recruiting coming along?

"Actually it is going real well. I've been to Junior Days at North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia and I am going to Clemson on the 7th of this month. I am enjoying it so far."

Are there any other schools that you plan on visiting this spring?

"My coach has set up visits to North Carolina State and Duke and he is talking to the coaches at Georgia Tech to set up a visit there for me to see the campus and talk to the coaches. I am looking forward to making these three visits."

Of the three Junior Day visits you made, which one of them did you enjoy the most?

"I can't really say that I enjoyed one better than the other as I really liked them all. I enjoyed all of the visits as much as the other."

Do you have a favorite or a leader at this point?

"I have a few schools that I like more than the others, but I want to keep it to myself so I can make the other visits and really see how they stack up with the teams I like without any pressure from outside influences. I'd like to be able to make a clear and informed decision on a school and the best way is to have an open mind when making visits."

Speaking of making decision, what factors will you use in making a decision on a school?

"First off, I want to be able to choose a school with good academics, one that has a good communication or business school as that is what I plan on majoring in when I get to college. My relationship with the coaches both on and off the field will be very important. I know coaches can treat you differently on the field as they do off the field. I want to have a good relationship both on and off the field."

Do you have a time frame for when a decision will be made?

"No sir, not at all. I will most likely be making my decision next February. I want to be able to weigh all my options before making a decision on a my school. I can't see making an early decision at all."

How about your high school team? How does your last season look to be shaping up?

"We look like we will be a good team as we didn't lose many seniors from last years team. A state title run is what we are working on for my last year."

Are you participating in any spring sports?

"I am mostly doing offseason workouts for football but I will be participating in a couple of track and field events like the shot put."

Dale's Take:

Andre has enjoyed the recruiting process thus far. He has a few teams he likes right now but wants to keep them to himself so he can keep an open mind on visits he makes in the next few months. He wants to gather a lot of information on all the schools he visits and then use that info to make the best decision he can for his college choice. Top Stories