DE Brandon Burrows Names Early Leader

Walton High School defensive end Brandon Burrows has attended junior days at Georgia Tech, Wake Forest and Alabama. He's also visited North Carolina State and Duke. Burrows talks about his visits and names a leader.

Brandon Burrows - Profile

You've had a busy start to your recruiting process?

"Yes sir, I have. I have been to Junior Days at Georgia Tech, Wake Forest and Alabama. I've also made quick stops and visits at North Carolina State and Duke."

Will you make any other visits this spring?

"I plan on visiting Florida to watch their practice. On the 21st, I plan on going to Georgia for a Junior Day. I also plan on going to Maryland."

Of the visits you have made, is their one that has stood out as better than the rest?

"Yes sir, I will say that the visit to Alabama was one I enjoyed more than any other visit I have made. Alabama just stood out to me as the best visit. The coaches were awesome. They treated me great. The facilities are top notch and the campus is one that I really liked a lot. Everything about the visit was just great to me."

Do you have a leader of all the schools in which you have interest?

"Yes sir, you can say Alabama is my leader right now. The visit just made an impression me and shot them up the ladder as my leader."

How about the local team, Georgia Tech?

"There is a lot of interest from them and I do like them. I get a lot of mail and calls from the coaches there. I do talk to them a lot. I have a lot interest in them but Alabama is the one school that leads for me right now."

How many offers do you have to date?

"Right now Maryland is the only team that has made an official offer to me, but the Alabama coaches said they were coming to my spring practices and most likely will be extending an offer to me then."

What will be the main factors that will go into making your decision?

"The school has to be one that will offer good academics and have the type of degree I want to pursue. I need to fit in with the coaches there and get along with them all. Also, location can play a factor. I kind of want to be close to home, not too close but close. I don't want to be too far away if possible."

Do you have a time frame for a decision?

"No sir, no time or date is set in stone. I'll know when it will be the right time to make my decision."

How does Walton look for the upcoming season?

"We look very good. Basically our entire offensive line is returning and almost our entire defense is returning. We lost our head coach to Ware County but our defensive coordinator, Coach Hidalgo, has taken over and everyone is ready to make an impression on him to show him they are the one to start so we should have an intense spring practice this year. We should be in shape to have a great season."

How about you? Where are you slated to play?

"I am slated to start at defensive end but I've been told I will play some running back this year too. I started out as a running back but have really grown into a defensive end position. At 6' 3" and 230 pounds the coaches felt I was better suited to play there. Coach Hidalgo wants me to play some at running back so that will be fun to go back there one more time."

What plans do you have for the summer?

"I plan on going to camps at Alabama and Florida. I'd like to go to more and all that really depends on where I stand after spring practice in late April, early May."

Dale's Take:

Brandon was really pumped up about his visit to Alabama and lists them as his favorite. He stated that he talks to the Tech staff a lot and hopes to get to know them better as the recruiting process goes along. Wherever he decides on going for college, he wants to have a good relationship with the coaches and have a real good comfort level at the school. He has a lot of visits planned before his senior season starts so expect a lot of news from this young man. Top Stories