Connor Shaw: No Clear Leader At This Point

Flowery Branch quarterback Connor Shaw picked up his sixth offer this week. East Carolina became the latest school to offer Shaw. Connor has been participating in offseason workouts and is now 6'1 1/2" - 202. He also recently ran a 4.53 forty.

Connor Shaw - Profile

Anything new on the recruiting front for you?

"Yes sir, I just picked up my sixth offer this week. East Carolina offered me this past Monday."

I understand you had a good trip to South Carolina a couple of weeks ago?

"Yes sir it went really well. I had a chance to meet all the coaches and get to talk to Coach Spurrier and Coach Mangus a good bit. Coach Mangus will be implementing some spread option into the offense this year and that is something that I like."

Do you have a clear leader at this point?

"No sir, I can't say that now. I haven't had a chance to visit all the schools that I want to, but after the South Carolina trip I would have to say Georgia Tech and South Carolina are neck and neck at this point. I'm real high on both schools right now."

Do you have any trips lined up?

"Yes sir, I will be at West Virginia on the 18th of April to watch their spring game. I am looking forward to that trip as they run an option offense. I want to see more about West Virginia. Also, I will go to Wake Forest to take in a practice or two. I can't make their spring game as it will interfere with the West Virginia spring game. I want to see both schools so it will be the spring game for West Virginia and practices for Wake."

Are you mainly looking at schools that run some type of option offense?

"I guess you can say that, as we run that at Flowery Branch. That is why I am so high on Georgia Tech, West Virginia, and South Carolina."

Would you say they are your top three then?

"Yes sir they are my top three schools at this point."

How are your offseason workouts coming along?

"We are still hitting them every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:30 in the morning. It's good to get back out there since the season has ended."

Have you stayed in contact with Jaybo much?

"Yes sir, we are going the Georgia Tech basketball game on Wednesday night and while I am there, I will be talking to Coach Monken and Coach Johnson. The coaches and I want to talk to one another."

Dale's Take:

Connor was his usual self. Very open and was glad to get his latest offer. He is looking forward to his trip to West Virginia and wants to check in with the Tech coach's on Wednesday as well. Top Stories