Georgia Tech leads for Sandy Creek DB

Defensive back Isaiah Johnson from Sandy Creek has set up some visits for the spring and he'll be taking in spring practices at the school that is in the lead for his services. Johnson reveals that school and his plans for the spring.

Isaiah Johnson - Profile

How has your recruiting been?

"It's has been good. I was supposed to go to North Carolina State a couple of weeks ago but my ride up there had problems, so I had to miss the trip. I don't think I will be rescheduling a trip to them though."

Do you have any other trips lined up?

Yes sir, I do have two schools I know I will go to and a third that I might make. I will be going to Vanderbilt on the 21st for their Junior Day and Auburn has called and wants me to visit with my cousin who they are recruiting. I'm pretty sure I will be able to make it. Also, UCF wants me to come down there for a visit. I might set something up but I'm not real sure about that."

Which team is recruiting you the hardest?

"That's easy, Georgia Tech by far is recruiting me the hardest. I get mail from them every day. I talk to the coaches a lot too. They are showing me that they really want me to come to Tech."

Would you say they are your leader?

"Yes sir, they are my leader in a big way. I really like the coaches there and I can see where I can come in and fit right in with their way of playing defense. We seem to be a good fit."

Do you plan on attending the practices at Tech?

"Oh yes sir I am. I plan on being down there every other day if not every day. I will make sure I am there for the spring game too. I am making sure I will attend every practice I can so I can see how they work out and run the defense."

How about your high school? Have you begun workouts?

"Well, I'm running track but every Saturday and Sunday I do my football drills to stay in football shape. Track is keeping me very well conditioned."

What events are you doing in track and field?

"I am running the 300 and 110 hurdles and 4 X 4 relay. I also do the long jump."

How does your team look for your senior year?

"We have a lot of people to replace so we will need to have a lot players step up. I think we will be just fine as each year we have been all right."

Dale's Take:

Isaiah was very excited about the upcoming spring practices at Georgia Tech. He says he feels he fits in with the coaches and players at Tech. Still, Isaiah will make a couple or more trips to compare and be sure Tech is indeed his leader and team to beat for his services. Top Stories