Bostic is high on the Yellow Jackets

Jefferson County athlete Barry (B.J.) Bostic has begun setting up visits for the spring. Barry talks about these visits and the team that is his leader.

B.J. Bostic - Profile

Is there anything new in your recruitment since we last spoke?

"I plan on going to Vanderbilt on the 21st to take in their Junior Day and I hope to make a visit to Maryland and Kentucky to check them out."

Do you have any spring practices or spring games lined up?

"I am going to Mississippi State's spring game with my high school coach. I wanted to go to the Georgia Tech spring game too but it is on the same day. I will be attending some of Tech's practices though. My coach says we can set up some visits."

During our last conversation you told me that your cousin, Chris Crenshaw, and his Mom had been recruiting you to go to Georgia Tech. Are they still talking to you?

"Oh yes sir, we all feel it would be great for Chris and me to play on the same team in college. We talk about it all the time."

So, would you say Tech is your leader?

"Yes sir, I do. I am very comfortable with everything about Tech. I feel I fit right in when I'm at Tech. I'm not a stranger at all. I am more familiar with Tech than any other school and I have bonded real well with all the coaches.

What other factors play into Tech being your leader?

"Well, I have family up there and it is fairly close to home so my family here can come up and see me play. Also, it is in a big city. I like that. You don't have far to go to be able to have something to do. A lot of positives for Tech."

What other schools are looking at you?

"Besides Georgia Tech, Mississippi State, Maryland, and Kentucky have shown a lot of interest."

Are they all recruiting you for the same position?

"No sir. Georgia Tech wants me as a corner back. Mississippi State says that want me as a slot receiver and Maryland and Kentucky are pretty much recruiting me as an athlete as they really haven't said what position they want me to play."

Have you begun your spring workouts at your high school?

"Yes sir we have. I'm doing mine mostly during the weekends when I don't have track. I've been doing quarterback drills along with the usual football workouts."

What track events do run?

"I run the 100 and the 4 X 100 event."

Dale's Take:

BJ was his usual easy going self tonight. He talked about how he liked the recruiting process so far and why Georgia Tech was his leader. He really feels at home with the Yellow Jackets but will make a few trips before pulling the trigger on a decision. Top Stories