Dakota Mosley Observes GT Spring Practice

Dakota Mosley, a big lineman from Little Rock Academy, along with his friend and teammate Michael Dyer paid a surprise visit to Georgia Tech yesterday. Dakota talked about the visit and his plans for the spring.

Dakota Mosley - Profile

I understand you were a visitor at Georgia Tech this afternoon?

Yes sir Michael Dyer, my good friend and teammate and I made a visit to Tech this afternoon to check out the school and take in their first practice."

Was this your first contact with Georgia Tech?

"No sir, we have been talking some over the past few months. Michael and I were in the area and we decided to make a visit."

What did you get to do on the visit?

"We did everything. We toured the stadium, the academic facilities, weight room, CRC building, dorms, and places to eat. They gave us a tour of the whole campus. Then we went and watched the team practice and that was nice to see someone playing football, as it has been a while since the season ended. We really enjoyed it."

What was the best part of the visit to you?

"Honestly, the best part was being out there with the coaches. They have a real good coaching staff at Tech and you can tell they will make you give 100% in practice."

What is Georgia Tech recruiting you to play?

"They told me they would want me as a defensive end. They said for me to send them some film once I get home and then they would get the ball rolling towards giving me an offer."

What are your measurables?

"I am 6' 4" and weigh 250 pounds and have run a laser timed 40 of 4.8 and a hand held time of 4.7."

What offers do you have right now?

"I have one offer from Louisiana Tech."

What other schools are you hearing from?

Schools that have shown interest in me and some that I am interested in are Colorado, Colorado State, Arkansas, Auburn, Ole Miss and Illinois."

Do you have a favorite this early?

"No sir, no one favorite. Right now they are all favorites as I am glad that there are interested in me as a player."

What do you have on the table for the rest of the spring?

"Well on the way home tomorrow (Tuesday) we will stop off at Auburn for a visit. After that I will mostly work out with the team and hopefully see some other schools and take in some practices."

If you had to choose a school tomorrow what would be the main factors you would base your decision on?

"How good the coaches are would be the main thing. I like coaches that make good role models and are ones that get the best out of you. I want a school that I feel comfortable while I am there and one that feels like home. Finally, I want to get a good education and the school needs to have good academic reputation."

What do you hope to major in?

"I want to go pre-med while I am at college."

Earlier you said you were visiting with your good friend Michael Dyer, do you two hope to the same school?

"Yes sir, we would if the situation fit us both. We do understand that we might not go that route but we would like for it to happen. If it came down to us liking several schools and there was one common school in our groups, then I could see us going to the same school."

Dale's Take:

Dakota was a very open person to interview. He enjoyed his visit to Georgia Tech and is very interested in what the school has to offer. He wants to make many more visits before even deciding which schools are his favorites and he is using the spring to get as much information on schools as he can.

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