Michael Taylor Visits GT Monday

Michael Taylor from Westlake out of Atlanta went to Georgia Tech on Monday to take in a spring practice at Rose Bowl field. Michael came away with a good impression of Georgia Tech and the way they play defense.

Michael Taylor – Profile

How was your trip to Georgia Tech today?

"It went very good. I got a chance to see them practice and talk to the coaches too. I can really see myself playing there and I feel I could play immediately if I went there."

What stood out to you about the trip?

"The way they practice was something that really stood out to me. I felt that Tech is in need of linebackers next year and if I went there I feel I could get some early playing time immediately. I know they will lose a couple of their starters at linebacker."

What did the coaches have to say to you?

"They said they loved the way I play defense and that they really want me there. I've given them my film and my transcripts and Coach Johnson said he should be offering very soon. I know Tech has to clear students with the Academic office before they can offer. Coach BJ (Brian Jean-Mary) and Coach (Dave) Wommack both said I was the perfect type linebacker for their system and hope that I decide to come to Tech."

Will you be making anymore visits to Tech?

"Yes sir, I know I will be going to their spring game and maybe some more practices."

What else do you have planned for the spring?

"My position coach and I will be going to Miami this weekend as spring breaks starts for me next week. Other than that, I haven't made any firm plans other than going to the Tech Spring game."

Do you have any summer camps lined up?

"I do know I will be going to LSU as that will be the only way I can get that far out. I hope to go to Virginia Tech and Georgia as well as a couple more schools from both the ACC and SEC."

What offers do you have?

"I was offered by Georgia on my birthday and I have since received offers from Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Toledo, LSU, and NC State."

Do you have a leader?

"Of the schools that have offered me I would say Georgia is my leader and when I was there it felt like I was at home."

Let's say Georgia Tech offers tomorrow would that change anything?

"I really can see myself playing for Tech but first I would like to get to know the coaches better and the school better. I would want the same feel of being at home like I did when I visited Georgia, but yes, I can see myself at Georgia Tech."

Of the linebacker spots, where do you see yourself playing in college?

"I still see myself as a middle linebacker but I do know I need to put on some more weight as I weigh only 205 right now. I don't think I'll move to the outside in college."

A lot of people say that you or Telvin Smith is the top linebacker in Georgia, how does that make you feel?

"That makes me feel good but I will beat Telvin out as the best in the state. We both play in the same classification and I feel that both my team and myself will beat him and his team in the long run."

What are your strengths as a player?

"Hitting by far. When I hit a player he goes down. I love to lay a hit on a ball carrier. Also I find the ball real well. I can locate who has it and get to it quickly."

What do you feel you need to work on as a player?

Besides putting on some more weight, I feel I need to learn how to shed blockers better. I can get off one player blocking me okay but I need to work on shedding the blocks when two or more players are blocking me."

Have you set time frame for a decision?

"Yes sir I sure have. I want to have a decision either during or before my senior year. I don't want to have it drag out into my senior year."

Dale's Take:
Michael was a pleasure to interview. He came away from the Tech visit enjoying and liking what he saw as he has plans to see more of Georgia Tech and talk to the coaches a lot more over the recruiting process as he wants to get to know the school and coaches better. He has a leader at this point but he can see himself changing if he likes another school better.

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