Kolton Houston Plans To Narrow His List

Buford High School offensive lineman Kolton Houston has been busy taking visits and picking up new offers. His most recent offer came from Georgia. Kolton revealed his plans for the spring and for narrowing down his list of schools.

Kolton Houston - Profile

What visits have you made lately?

"I made visits to Clemson, Auburn, and South Carolina. They were all real good visits and I enjoyed them all about the same. I wouldn't say one was better than the other."

Do you have anything else lined up for the spring?

"No sir I really can't say that I do, not at this time. I am pretty much done going to schools for the spring. I doubt that I will be taking any visits for practices or spring games. If I do, it will be just one spring game."

When we last spoke, you had about seven offers. How many do you have now?

I have thirteen offers to date with Georgia just offering me. Some of the schools that have offered in addition to Georgia are Michigan State, Georgia Tech, Stanford, Wake Forest, Tennessee, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Clemson, East Carolina, Tulane and Auburn."

Was the Georgia offer a surprise to you?

"It was a little surprising when I got it. I wasn't going to be surprised if they didn't offer and I'm not surprised that they did offer."

Right now do you have a top list of schools?

"Not at this time. They are all about even. I want to take visits to see the entire school and what they have to offer. I guess the next visits I make will be my five official visits so I get a chance to see the schools for the entire weekend and really get to know the schools and coaches."

Do you have a time frame for narrowing your list down?

"I'd say within the next three to four weeks I will narrow my list down to four or five schools and those will be the schools that will get my official visits. I will sit down and sort things out. Right now it is getting to the point of deciding which schools interest me the most and just trimming my list down."

Do you have any coaches that you feel you like more than any of the others?

"I can't say that I do as all the coaches stay in touch with me on a pretty consistent basis. No one coach has really stood out from the others."

You have stated in the past that academics will play a big part in your choice. Is that still the case?

"Yes sir, academics will play a big part in my decision. I want to major in business so it will be a major part in my decision making."

Dale's Take:

Kolton is playing his options close to the vest, as he is pretty much to the point of trimming schools off of his list instead of adding them. These past few weeks have been real hectic for him, as a lot of offers have come in that time frame. He will not be attending any camps this summer unless it is to the school he chooses.

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