B.J. Bostic Enjoys Visit To Georgia Tech

Is Jefferson County athlete B.J. Bostic close to a decision? Bostic made the drive to Atlanta today to watch Georgia Tech scrimmage. B.J. talked about the visit, where he stands with his recruitment, and the schools that made his list of six.

B.J. Bostic - Profile

I see that you went up to Georgia Tech today to watch their practice?

"Yes sir, I went there today and my cousin, Chris Crenshaw and his Mom went with me. We all had a good time. Chris got to see what he is facing in the fall when he starts practice with the Yellow Jackets. I enjoyed my time up there and it went very well. I really feel at home up at Georgia Tech."

What did you do besides watching the practice?

Well, I got a chance to sit on the position meeting with Coach Kelly and that was very good. We then had a chance to watch previous practice film and see how much they have improved. I talked with a bunch of commits to Tech for the '09 class and I chilled with a bunch of the current players."

Did you get a chance to talk with any recruits in your class?

"Yes sir, I did. Denzel McCoy and I talked a lot. We exchanged numbers and talked about playing at Georgia Tech. He told me that he really wanted me to commit to Tech as he was going to commit to Tech. He tried to convince me to come on in with him today. Later he sent me a text that he indeed gave Tech a verbal. I sent him a text back telling him good luck and I was happy for him. It wasn't a few seconds later, he sent me one back, saying, "You're next". We really hit it off."

How about the coaches, did you talk with them?

"Yes sir, I did. I had a good conversation with Coach Johnson. We talked one on one and he told me how much he wanted me at Georgia Tech. He broke down what scholarships they had to offer and said they were looking at taking three defensive backs. I know Fred Holton has already made his commitment to Tech so that leaves two spots. I also talked with the other coaches too and they said I would be a big part of the team if I came to Tech."

Last time we talked, you told me that Chris's Mom was recruiting you to come to Georgia Tech with her son Chris. Is she still recruiting you?

"Let me tell you she was recruiting me all the way up there and back (laughing). She wants her family up there and Chris and I are really close."

Are you close to making a commitment?

"I wake up some days and say today is the day I make a commitment but I think about it and tell myself I need to be 100% sure of my decision because once I make it, it is final. I know I need to step back and evaluate everything make sure it is right."

Have you narrowed your list of schools down any?

"The schools I am mainly looking at are Georgia Tech, Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Maryland and UCF. That would be my top 6 schools."

What visits do you have for the spring?

"Next week I am going down to Florida to take in one of their practices. On the 18th I will be at Mississippi State's Spring Game, and then on the 25th I will go with my high school coach to Auburn. He graduated from there and wanted me to see the campus and what they have to offer."

Does you coach want you to go to Auburn or does he say go with what you feel is best for you?

"He doesn't push Auburn at all. He tells me it's my decision that I have to make and he wants what is best for me no matter what school I feel it is. He's coached me on and off since wreck ball and has always had my best interests in mind."

How about this summer any camps planned?

"Yes sir I do. I will be at Gwinnett County 7 on 7 camp from June 10th to June 12th. Coach Johnson asked if I would stop back by on the 13th to take in the Senior Camp Tech is putting on that day. I told him I would and I will be staying with Chris so I can."

Dale's Take:

B.J. really enjoyed today. He made a good friend in Denzel McCoy and got to know other recruits from the 09 class and his class. He was very excited about his trip today and said several times he felt like he was at home up at Tech. He will be making three visits over the next couple of weeks and don't be surprised if after those visits B.J. decides on a school.

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