Tyrone Cornileus Planning Spring Visits

The recruitment of Stephenson High School linebacker Tyrone Cornileus is starting to heat up. Four offers last week has brought his offer total to ten. Tyrone will use his spring break to visit three of those schools.

Tyrone Cornileus - Profile

How has your spring been so far?

"I've pretty much being hanging out at home and getting ready for my spring break. I haven't hit the roads that much this spring. However, I've talked with some schools as I have picked up four new offers in the past week. Tennessee, Boston College, Western Kentucky and Louisville all have offered me now."

How many offers does that bring your total up to now?

"I have 10 offers to date. Georgia Tech, Miami, Auburn, Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Boston College, Western Kentucky, and Louisville are my offers as of today."

Would you have a top five from that list?

"I do have a top five right now. In no particular order they are Miami, Georgia Tech, Auburn, South Carolina, and Tennessee."

Since you are on spring break next week, will you be making any visits?

"Yes sir, I plan on making three during my break. I will be going to Georgia Tech, Auburn, and Tennessee to see the schools and practices."

How about summer camps, have you set up any that you plan on making?

"I feel that I will take in camps at Miami, Georgia Tech, Auburn, and South Carolina. None are set in stone right now but I feel that I will make Georgia Tech, as they are just a few minutes away. I will also go to Miami."

I noticed you have a few schools that are known for their academics, will be that be a big part in your decision?

"Yes sir, it will. I hope to major in mechanical engineering or maybe forensics science. I know Georgia Tech has one of the best engineering schools in all of the country and on my last visit Auburn showed me their engineering department. My Dad showed me some things on Boston College about their academics that put them in a high standard too."

Have you set a timetable for a decision?

"Yes sir, I want to have a decision made by the end of the summer or no later than 2 games into my senior year. I will be using the summer to visit a lot of schools to gather all the information I can and then use that time before school starts back to make a decision. I don't want my recruiting to drag out any more than a couple games into my senior year."

In your opinion, what do you feel your strongest traits as a football player?

"I think I have very good speed. I am aggressive in my playing style and I have a strong hunger to get to the ball."

What do you feel you need to improve on before you get to college?

"Every thing in my opinion. You can't sit back. You have to try and make yourself a better player. I want to improve on all aspects of my game to make myself a higher talented athlete. If you concentrate in just a few areas you might regress in the others and I will not let that happen."

Dale's Take:

Tyrone has a busy week ahead of himself that will carry him all the way into next weekend. With the three visits he has, he will get more ideas of a few schools that are in his top 5. He knows this is an important decision for him and he is doing what it takes to make the right choice.

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