Taylor Discusses Latest Offer, Favorites

Westlake linebacker Michael Taylor recently picked up offer number eight but was unable to make a planned trip to Miami. Michael gives the details on those subjects as well as listing his top teams.

Michael Taylor - Profile

How did your trip to Miami go this weekend?

"I didn't go to Miami as planned as my coach had something come up and we have rescheduled to go another time. He wants to show me the campus and everything down there. However, we did go to Auburn this weekend."

How did that trip go?

"It went very well. Auburn was recruiting me when Coach Tuberville was head coach and I haven't seen anything of the new coach or how they play. I decided to go over there to check out what they have under the new coaches. I feel if I went there I'd definitely be able to get early playing time. It was visit that showed me a lot."

I understand you picked up a new offer?

"Yes sir, true to his word, Coach Johnson and Georgia Tech sent me a written offer which brings me up to a total of eight now. I was real happy to get the official offer. I feel Tech is a place I could see myself going to and I feel I could come in and play very early there. They are definitely a school I am looking at."

Do you have a top list of schools at this time?

"Yes sir, I do. Georgia is on top right now with Miami second and a three way tie for third between Georgia Tech, Ole Miss and LSU. Still, there is a long way to go before I commit to a school. I have a lot of visits and a lot of comparisons to do."

When would you like to have a decision made?

"Ideally I'd like to have my decision made by week five or six of my senior year.

Do you have any spring games lined up?

"Right now I know I will be going to the one at Georgia and I'd like to go to a lot of others but they are being held on the same day, April 18th. Miami is on a different day so I might make theirs."

Do you plan on going to any games during your senior year?

"One game I know for sure I will attend is the Auburn-Alabama game. I want to see them play one another. Last year, I was able to make three games, the Alabama homecoming game, an Auburn game, and the Georgia Tech-Miami game which was a great game for Tech. It was cold, very cold and I think the Miami players couldn't adjust to the weather."

Dale's Take:

Michael was happy to get his offer in the mail from Georgia Tech and they have shot up to third on his list of schools and could climb higher as he gets to know the staff and school better. He has a lot of visits to make in the summer and a lot of information to sift through before he makes a decision on a school.

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