RB Jon Lee Taking Spring Visits

The recruiting process is just getting started for Apalachee, Georgia High School running back Jon Lee. Lee talked about his visit to Georgia Tech's practice on Monday and his plans for the spring.

Jon Lee - Profile

Jon, how has your recruiting been going thus far?

"It has been going pretty good. I have been hearing from Georgia Tech, South Carolina, Mississippi State, and Vanderbilt. Oklahoma State and a few other schools have told me that they will be coming by my high school for spring practices to see me in action. I should be picking up offers after the coaches get to know me better."

I understand you were at Georgia Tech today to watch their practice?

"Yes sir, I went over to Tech to take in their practice. I really like what I saw. My high school runs a similar offense. So I feel like I can fit right in with their style of offense. I also got a chance to talk with Coach Jeff Monken, who is my recruiting coach, and Coach Johnson."

What did they say to you?

"They were very happy to see me at the practice and said they would be watching me at my practice and that they were very interested in me as a running back."

Do you plan on going to any other Tech practices?

"Yes sir, I do and I am going to their Spring Game as well. I will also go to other spring games but I haven't set up which ones I will go to as of now."

What plans do you have for the summer?

"I will attend the Georgia Tech summer camp and hope to go to the combines that Scout and maybe Nike put on along with some camps from other schools like South Carolina and Vanderbilt."

Sounds like you have a leader at this point?

"Yes sir, I do and it is Georgia Tech."

What makes them your leader?

"Well, they run the same type of offense that my high school does plus I really love the campus there. The weight room is awesome. I really like it. They have top notch practice facilities and the stadium is one that I like a lot. It is very unique and one that you just have to like."

What other schools are on your list?

"After Georgia Tech, I like South Carolina, Vanderbilt and Mississippi State."

Do you have a good idea of what schools will get your five official visits?

"I feel schools like USC, Oregon, Purdue which is where my father went to college, Oklahoma State, and Florida State."

As a player what do you feel your strengths are?

"I feel my biggest strengths are my acceleration, my elusiveness, and my vision."

What aspects of your game do you feel you need to improve on?

"I need to get some size. I feel that if I put on some weight and grow a little bit and keep my speed and quickness I can improve as a player."

What is your height and weight?

"I am 5' 10" and weigh 185 pounds and run a 4.4 forty."

When do you want to have a decision made by?

"I feel that I will wait until my senior year is over to make a decision. I will use my senior year as a recruiting tool for me. I don't see myself making a decision any time before that."

Dale's Take:

Jon was very upbeat about Georgia Tech's practice. He said it was very spirited. He really enjoyed it and said it was more than worth it despite the cold. He is looking forward to seeing more of the practices and the spring game at Georgia Tech.

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