Rising junior QB visits Georgia Tech practice

Sophomore quarterback Derrick McQueen was a surprise visitor at Georgia Tech on Wednesday. The South Atlanta High School quarterback will be playing for Maynard Jackson (formerly Southside) High School next season. Derrick talked about practice and his impression of what he saw.

Derrick McQueen - Profile

How was the practice at Georgia Tech today?

"It was pretty good. I had a chance to watch the whole practice and then was able to watch the individual drills for the each position. I got a chance to talk one on one with the wide receiver coach, quarterback coach, defensive coordinator, and Coach Johnson."

What did they have to say?

"All of them said they wanted me there and was glad I came by. Coach Johnson said that they really wanted me to come to the spring game and I told him I would be there. Coach Preston told me that he thinks I would make a great addition to the team and really hoped I would come to Tech."

How did you like the campus?

"I've been by there several times and saw it from the interstate and just got a quick view of the stadium. Once I got there I realized just how big it was and how different it is in person that just seeing it from the interstate. I love that it is set in downtown Atlanta. It is set up very well, with a lot to do on and off campus. The stadium is a really great setting in my opinion."

Does the offense Georgia Tech runs compare favorably to your high school offense?

"It will once I get to Maynard Jackson and my head coach will get there and implement an option style or spread style offense."

Do you think Georgia Tech is a place you can see yourself playing for in the future?

"Oh yes sir, I sure do. I like what I have seen of Georgia Tech and I feel it is a good fit for me."

What other schools have you talked to?

"My head coach has talked to coaches from Ohio and Louisville and introduced me to their coaches but being a sophomore I really haven't had much contact with coaches from colleges just yet."

Will you be attending any spring games?

"Yes sir I know I will be going to Tech's spring game and that is the only one I know of right now."

Any plans for camps or combines this summer?

"I know I will attend the Elite QB Camp held this summer but other than that, I haven't any plans."

In high school, are you strictly a quarterback or do you play other positions?

"I am strictly a quarterback in high school. I haven't played anything on defense or any other positions on offense."

What is your current height and weight?

"Right now I'm 6'3" and weigh 175 pounds. I run a 4.7 forty."

What were you stats last season?

"I passed for 1,237 yards and 14 touchdowns and ran for 214 yards on the ground."

Dale's Take:

Even though Derrick is only a sophomore, he is drawing interest from a few schools and he made sure that Georgia Tech knows that they are one of the schools that he is interested in by attending their practice today. He plans on seeing more of their practices and will attend their spring game. However, as times goes by he will garner more attention from other schools. Louisville and Ohio are just two besides Tech that have expressed interest in this young man.

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