Washington Lineman Enjoys Georgia Tech Visit

Jase Butorac, a big offensive lineman from Issaquah, Washington, was in Atlanta for the weekend. Jase took in the whole tour during his time in Atlanta. He saw the entire campus and watch Georgia Tech practice too.

Jase Butorac - Profile

Jase, how has your time in Atlanta been so far?

"It has been a fantastic trip thus far. We got in Thursday and have been treated great by everyone we've met. First thing we did was talk with Coach Spencer and Mr. Klein. We toured the campus first off with taking tour of the dorms I would be living in and they are very nice. We then went by the CRC building and that was a very nice building. I understand it was used for the swimming events in the Olympics. We saw the athletic facilities, and the weight room is the best I've see of any school thus far. It is first class. Everything is new-looking in there. We met with the strength coach (Eric Ciano) and he gave a run down and schedule of the workouts they do. I really liked the strength coach, he's a good guy. We then watched the practices and talked with the coaches."

What did the coaches have to say to you?

Coach Spencer told me that he really liked what he saw of me on film. He said that I showed good footwork and athletic abilities for an offensive lineman, which is exactly the type of lineman they recruit hard. Coach Johnson also said he loved my film and wants to me to come to summer camp so they can get to know me better and I can get to know the coaches better. I told him that I would really try my best to get to the camp, but it might be hard as high school in Washington doesn't let out until June 20th and we have high school workouts the last two weeks also. I am going to do my best to get there though."

What was your overall impression of Coach Johnson?

"He's great guy. I mean he is a really good guy. You can tell by just hearing him talk that he knows what he is doing and you definitely know where you stand with him. I like him a lot."

What was your overall impression of the campus?

"I thought the campus was great. I like the way it is set up and the facilities are top notch too. It is a place I can see myself for the next four years."

Would distance be a problem for you?

"No sir, not at all. My Dad is a pilot and travel isn't a problem for visits or if I did decide to come to Tech. I am used to traveling so that isn't a problem for me."

How many offers do you have to date?

"I have one offer from BYU but I know they will be coming in time."

What other schools beside Georgia Tech and BYU are showing interest in you?

A lot of the PAC 10 schools like Oregon, Washington, Washington State, most of the Mountain West, and the WAC schools are recruiting me at this time."

Do you have time frame for a decision?

"No sir, I really don't have one. I'll commit when it feels right."

What are you looking for in a school?

"I want to go to a school that has a winning program and a winning tradition. My high school has won big the past two years and I want to continue that feeling in college. Also, I want the school to be one that feels like it is a good fit for me. The campus setting, how I feel around everyone there, and the surroundings are some other things I look for in a school."

What do you consider your strongest points as a player?

"I have been working hard for a long time, so I am very motivated to be my best. I have very good footwork and I am pretty athletic for a lineman. Coach Spencer even commented on that when we talked."

What do you feel you need to work on as a lineman?

"I want to work on my initial explosion out of my stance. I feel that I can improve that and become an even better lineman."

Dale's Take:

Jase was very upbeat about his visit to the Flats. He said he feels in love with the campus at Georgia Tech and he really likes the area. He hopes to make the camp and will do everything he can to be here in June. Georgia Tech is a school that he is very interested in.

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