Devin Burns Taking His Time

Columbus Carver quarterback Devin Burns was in Atlanta Saturday for Georgia Tech's second junior day. Burns talked about the visit and what is ahead in the recruiting process.

Devin Burns - Profile

How did your trip to Georgia Tech's Junior Day go?

"It went pretty good. Last trip there was one of getting a feel for the school, coaches, and players. This one was more of taking in the way they practice and play as a team and also getting to know the coaches and players better. I got a chance to talk to all the coaches, especially Coach Kelly and Coach Johnson."

What did they have to say to you when you talked?

"They all said how excited they were about being there. Coach Kelly feels I would be a great addition to the team if I came to Georgia Tech. Coach Johnson was glad I was there so I could get a first-hand look and feel of the offense they run and what to expect if I came to Georgia Tech. He also wants me to come to the summer camp so he can do more of a hand on approach to me running his offense instead of me just observing the action. He likes to work with his offensive players a lot."

Where does Georgia Tech fit in your plans?

"Georgia Tech is one school I could see myself playing for, but at this time I want to keep my options open and look at all the schools that are recruiting me right now."

What are those schools?

"Well of course Georgia Tech is one, but the others are Maryland, Arkansas, Vanderbilt, UAB, Southern Miss, Troy, Louisville and North Carolina State."

Did you leave Georgia Tech with an offer?

"No sir, I didn't but I believe one will come soon or at the camp if I can make it. I plan on going to the camp but it isn't set in stone yet."

Do you have a favorite of the schools recruiting you?

"No sir, all the schools are really on a level field. I am keeping my options open."

When we last spoke you were planning on waiting until your senior season is over to make a decision. Is that still the case?

"Yes sir, I really want to do it that way. Only way I see myself making an earlier decision is that when I am on a visit and the school, players, coaches all make me feel like I am at home and feel real comfortable being there, then I would commit to that school."

What other plans for the spring do you have?

"Only thing I might do is take a visit in the next couple of weeks to Maryland. My family would like to go up there and see Maryland and maybe take in the sights in Washington D.C. We are trying to make that happen, but we will have to see what we can do."

Have you decided on a major for college?

"I'd really like to major in Business Management or maybe even Mechanical Engineering."

Dale's Take:

You could tell Devin had a good time at Georgia Tech today. He liked talking to the coaches and got a better feel of the environment at Georgia Tech. He says he will do everything he can to make the camp in June, as he wants to talk with Coach Johnson more. As far as his recruiting is going, Devin is really playing things close to the vest at this point as no school has emerged as a favorite. Top Stories