Saga Of Three GT Recruits

Over the last couple of weeks, three high profile recruits that had Georgia Tech high on their list of schools made a commitment. All three chose schools other than Georgia Tech. spoke with each and got the story behind their decisions.

Connor Shaw

Connor I understand you have made a commitment to South Carolina?

"Yes sir, I sure did. It was the hardest decision I have made in my entire life. The fact that my brother is at Georgia Tech made it even tougher."

What were the main reasons behind your decision?

"I felt that I would fit into the system at South Carolina a little better than Georgia Tech. Coach Mangus is another reason too. We have a very good relationship and it helped South Carolina with him being there. Also, I know Jaybo and I wanted to play together again but I felt Jaybo had his thing at Georgia Tech and I felt I would be better off making my own at South Carolina."

Have you told all the coaches recruiting you of your decision?

"Yes sir, I have indeed. I felt I owed all of them that. I've called them all and told them that I am committed to South Carolina and thanked them for everything they've done for me in my recruitment. I am through with my recruiting, I know what commitment means and I made mine. Also, Jaybo told me that the coaches at Tech understood my decision and wished me the best and I really felt relieved that we are still on good terms as I think the world of the coaching staff at Tech. They will always be men I think the world of."

Are you still enrolling early?

"Yes sir, I will enroll in January so that is a reason I went ahead and made my commitment now as I will be busy getting ready for college in December instead of making official visits."

What about Jaybo? Does he support and understand your decision?

"Yes sir, he does. We are very close and he was with me when I committed to South Carolina. He understands and supports me 100%. I am blessed to have a brother like him and family like I do at Georgia Tech. I'll see Jaybo from time to time at Georgia Tech because I support him as much as he supports me."

Anything else in closing?

"Yes sir, I would like to thank the fans of Georgia Tech. I went onto the board and saw the outpouring of support and congratulations from them. It made my decision even tougher after reading all the good things from the fans. Tech fans are some of the best in the country and I want to personally thank them."

Shaun Kitchens

Shaun, I've seen that you have committed to Auburn?

Yes sir, I have. It was a very tough decision as I had a couple of schools that I liked along with Auburn. It was a decision that was hard to make but I felt I made the right decision."

What went into making your decision?

"Basically, it boiled down to me wanting to play on offense. I liked Auburn and Georgia Tech the most, but Auburn wanted me as a wide receiver and Tech wanted me as a linebacker. Plus I liked the staff and the school at Auburn and that made it final."

So Tech was a close second?

"Yes sir, they were. In fact, if I wanted to play linebacker I would be going to Georgia Tech because I really love the staff there and the campus too. That is how tough of a decision this was."

So you are done with recruiting?

"Yes sir, I made my last visit to Auburn and now I will be getting ready for enroll there. I've talked with a few schools to let them know and I plan on calling the rest to let them know too."

Kolton Houston

Kolton, last we spoke, you received an offer from FSU and now I understand you made a verbal commitment to Georgia?

"Yes sir, that is correct. FSU offered me earlier in the week and it got me to thinking. I had several offers from some great schools so I sat down with my family and talked it over and decided to commit to Georgia."

What made you decide now?

Well, like I said I sat down with my family and discussed it. I prayed about my decision and talked some more with my family and then prayed some more. Each time, it just came up Georgia for me. I decided that I should go ahead and take my spot at Georgia while I had the opportunity and it was open to me."

With all the major offers you have, is this decision firm?

"Yes sir, I have no doubt in my mind after all the talking and praying I've down over this."

Were there any schools that were a close second?

"I can't really say that. I feel that all of them were on the same level after Georgia. They are all great schools." Top Stories