DB Johnson Watches Final GT Spring Practice

Sandy Creek's defensive back Isaiah Johnson made another appearance Wednesday at Georgia Tech's final practice. Each trip makes him more comfortable with the coaches and the team. Could a decision be near?

Isaiah Johnson - Profile

How did your day at Georgia Tech go?

It was very good. I had a good time at Georgia Tech watching the team practice. I got too see first-hand how they practice and the how the different positions go through their drills. It was a very productive day for me. We had a great time."

Did you get a chance to talk to any of the coaches?

"I talked with them all today. I talked with Coach Wommack, who would be my position coach, my recruiting coach, Coach Buzz Preston, and Coach Johnson the most. Coach Wommack talked with me about my position and what I should expect from him if I came to Tech. Coach Preston talked with me about my recruiting mostly and told me how much the staff and the players there wanted me to come to Tech. Coach Johnson told me that the ball was in my court that he really wants me there and likes seeing me at the practices. He told me it's all on me that when I am ready to commit for me to let him know."

So, Georgia Tech is still your leader?

"Yes they are and they are by far my leader. I mean another school really has a long way to go to just catch up with Georgia Tech in my eyes."

Are you close to committing?

"Sometimes I feel I am ready but I know I need to take a few more visits to compare the staffs at each school because I know once I commit that Coach Johnson expects me to be a firm commitment and not visit any other school. I have pretty much narrowed it down and am close to making a commitment."

What other schools do you plan on visiting this spring?

"I am trying to set up visits to Oklahoma State and North Carolina State. The only other thing I have planned this spring is taking in the Nike Combine next week at Georgia."

What offers do you hold right now?

"Right off the top of my head the teams that have offered me are Georgia Tech, Oklahoma State, North Carolina State, East Carolina, Western Kentucky, Stanford, and Tennessee. I know there are others but they are the ones I remember right now."

From the way you talk about the coaches at Georgia Tech, you seem to have formed a good relationship with them?

"Oh yes sir, I have. My whole family really likes Coach Wommack because of the way he talks and treats me as a person. Coach Johnson is a coach that I really like a lot and he knows what he is doing at Tech. In fact, the whole staff is just great."

When do you feel like you will make a commitment?

"I think somewhere around June is when I will make my decision known. By then I will have visited the schools I want to see and talk to the coaches I want to get to know better."

Dale's Take:

Isaiah was very impressed by the way Georgia Tech runs their practices and each time he gets closer to the staff at Tech. He has really formed a strong relationship with the coaches and he lets you know Georgia Tech is his leader and how much they are in front of other schools.

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