DE Anthony Williams Names 2 Clear Leaders

Union Grove defensive end Anthony Williams attended Georgia Tech's spring game. Anthony talked about his visit, his two clear leaders, and during the conversation gave a hint of when he might make a decision.

Anthony Williams - Profile

How was the trip to Georgia Tech today?

"It went good as always. I always have a good time when I visit Georgia Tech. I always talk with all the coaches and just really enjoy my time there. The crowd was good and the game was very good. I liked what I saw very much."

What did the coaches have to say to you today?

"They told me how much they really want me at Georgia Tech and how much they feel I would be a great addition to the team. They said they are waiting on me to commit and I have a spot when I'm ready. I'm close to deciding but I'm still thinking on it and it will probably but just a matter of time before I make a decision. I am just trying to think it through right now."

Could that time be close?

"I'm not real sure, but I'll most likely commit in the summer when I go to the one day camps. I haven't decided on which camps but if I do commit in the summer it will be at camp. If not, it will be some time afterward."

Do you have a clear leader at this point?

"I'd say Georgia Tech and Auburn are my top two teams by a wide margin. I really have Georgia Tech on my mind right now especially after their spring game and recent visits though. The other schools like West Virginia, Clemson, Vanderbilt, and Oklahoma State are way behind Georgia Tech and Auburn."

What do you have left on your spring schedule?

I will go to the Nike camp next week and then settle into the high school spring practices and workouts. Other than that, I'm pretty much through until summer camps."

Dale's Take:
Anthony had a great time at Georgia Tech today. You can tell by the way he talks about Georgia Tech that he really likes them and is close to the staff. Right now it is a two-team race between Georgia Tech and Auburn. Judging by the amount of visits to Georgia Tech, one would feel they might hold a slight lead though. Top Stories