Austin Weatherford Names Leader

Maypearl, Texas offensive lineman Austin Weatherford has a clear leader. Weatherford reveals his leader and talks about other schools that have shown interest.

Austin Weatherford - Profile

How has your recruiting been this spring?

"It has gone very well. I have had good interest from Georgia Tech, Kansas, Oregon, San Diego State, TCU, and Texas A&M. My recruiting has been picking up a lot."

Who have you heard from most recently?

"Coach Spencer from Georgia Tech came by my high school the other week and talked with my coach. He told him that he really loves how I can get high to low on my blocking technique very quickly. He loves the fact that I have a flat back in my blocking and that I have extremely good flexibility in my knees when I block. I called Coach Spencer later and talked with him and he told me he has taken more film back for Coach Paul Johnson to see and that he will be talking to Coach Johnson about extending me an offer. Coach Spencer told me that I would most likely get that offer at the OL-DL camp at Georgia Tech on June 7th and 8th. He says he really feels I would be a very good guard in their system."

Are you planning on attending that camp?

"Yes sir, I sure am. However I will only be able to take in the 8th. I had already committed to attend a camp at Kansas on the 7th, so we will fly in to Atlanta that night and be there for the 8th."

Sounds like Georgia Tech is a team that you are very interested in as a college choice?

"Yes sir, they are. They are my number one team right now. In fact, if they offer, I will commit right away. I love Georgia Tech that much. When I was at Georgia Tech, I loved everything about the school, the campus, and the facilities. I had a great feeling while I was there that I didn't have when I was at other schools."

Speaking of other schools, besides Georgia Tech, which ones are recruiting you?

"Right now besides Tech, I am hearing a lot from Oregon, Kansas and San Diego State. TCU has started talking to me and OL Coach Williamson asked about me coming in for a camp so they can evaluate me as a center since all my film is either at tackle or guard. Texas A&M, who I thought was done with offensive linemen in their recruiting, has called and Coach McMillan asked me to come to their camp so they can get a better look at me."

With you living in Texas, how did Georgia Tech get so high on your list of schools?

"Well, my Mom works with Coca-Cola and she has some friends that live in Atlanta and I just toured the campus and had a chance to see everything and I fell in love with the city and the campus. I got a chance to talk with the coaches and see everything Georgia Tech has. It was easy for me. I just loved everything about the city and the school. Also, I like the fact that Tech runs the triple option. I feel I can block very well in that system. My high school teaches us to block the way I would if I was at Georgia Tech so that is a big plus."

Dale's Take:

Austin is very high on Georgia Tech and we have talked a couple of times before this interview. The other times, he said he would have to sit down and talk with his parents about committing if he got an offer from Georgia Tech. This time when I asked, it was an answer that was very quick and decisive, he was committing when he got he offer. He's 6'5" and 290 pounds and runs a 4.99 forty. He has the looks and tools to be a very good offensive lineman in Coach Johnson's system. Top Stories