Santez Emory to Camp at GT

Heard County athlete Santez Emory has been busy this spring as his team installs a new offense. Santez talks about his offers and the one camp that he'll be attending this summer.

Santez Emory - Profile

How has your spring been so far?

"Well, it has been different than in the past. We are installing a new spread option offense like Georgia Tech runs and we really like what we have done so far this spring. I have to say it has been good."

Speaking of Georgia Tech, rumor has it they have been recruiting you?

"Yes sir they have. I've talked with Coach Buzz Preston a lot. He says Coach Johnson likes me as a quarterback or a wide receiver for their offense. I don't have an offer from them but they asked me to come to camp in June so Coach Johnson can get a better look at me."

Are you going to the camp?

"Yes sir I sure am. I will be there on June 10th when the quarterbacks take part in the drills. If they offer, they will be a school that I will look at very much. I like them a lot."

Do you have any other camps lined up?

"No sir at this time Georgia Tech will be the only camp I will attend this summer."

What offers do you have so far?

"Right now I have offers from Memphis, Arkansas State, Troy, and UT-Chattanooga."

If Georgia Tech offers during the camp, would you think about committing to them?

"I'm not sure. I'd really like to play it by ear and see what is out there but they are a school I would highly consider."

Do you have a timetable for making a decision?

"No sir I can't say that I do. My recruiting seems to be picking up and I'd like to see what it would be after some time. I will look at everything I have in front of me before I make a decision."

Do you have factors that you will use in making that decision?

"Mostly I will want to go to a school that I feel comfortable at when I'm there. Also the offense and position I play will be a factor. But the main factor will be schoolwork. I want to get a solid education and have something I can use after college is over."

What do you want to major in when you do get to college?

"I will major in Business and the school has to have a very good business degree. I am fully qualified to enter college and I want to continue my education."

As a football player, what do you consider you strong points on the field?

"I feel I am a solid runner as a quarterback. I can pass well too. I feel I am good leader on the field too."

What areas do you want to work on as a player?

"I like to work on looking off receivers so cornerbacks can't get a good read on where I will pass and I want to work on finding wide receiver down field better."

Dale's Take:
Santez was very quiet when we first started talking but as we spent more time talking he started opening up some and was a pleasure to interview. Top Stories