Swilling a Two-Sport Star with Options

Dual sport athlete Patrick Swilling Jr. has some decisions to make and they don't just involve which school to attend. Swilling talks about trying to decide whether to play football or basketball and which schools have been looking at him.

I understand you are being recruited in both football and basketball. Do you have a preference as to which one you play at the next level?

"I love both sports a lot. My recruitment is picking up in both. Especially since my high school spring practice is going on right now. I know I will have to decide which one I want to concentrate on for college. I will use the summer to really decide which one I want to concentrate on so I can devote my time to that sport in getting ready for college. By the end of the summer I will know which one I will decide on."

Which do you feel is your best sport?

"That's really hard to say. When you love both, as equally well it is hard to say you are better in one over the other. I know I will have to decide on one and it will be a hard decision."

As for your recruiting which schools are you looking at right now?

"Right now I am looking at Georgia Tech, Southern Cal, LSU, Oklahoma, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, Vanderbilt, and Oregon. There are a lot of others but those are the ones right off the top of my head. Coach Roof (very close friend of my Dad) at Auburn has talked to me as well."

How many offers do you hold right now?

"I have 10 offers and Georgia Tech has said they are going to offer me very soon."

Speaking of Georgia Tech, I know your dad was a major star there. How do they fit into your recruitment?

"They are one of the main schools I am looking at right now. They have a top-notch education, which is the most important thing for me. They have a new coach that has them looking very good. Tech is a program that is on the rise and will only get better. They have some major players like Jonathon Dwyer, Roddy Jones, Morgan Burnett, and Josh Nesbitt. I'd love to be on the team with them. They are definitely one of the top schools I am considering."

With you living in New Orleans, if you went to Tech how would your family deal with that?

"Well, I have a lot of family in the Atlanta area. My Uncle Darryl Swilling and my cousin Ken Swilling are all living near Atlanta and my family here would have no problem coming to Atlanta to see me play."

Do you have a time frame for making a college choice?

"It all really boils down to which sport I decide to play. If I play football I feel I will commit early, before the season begins. If I go in with basketball, I may wait."

Coach Johnson at Georgia Tech is known for allowing his players play other sports, have you spoken with Coach Hewitt about basketball at Georgia Tech?

"Yes sir I have. He wants me to come to one of the camps at Georgia Tech. He likes my ability on the court but wants to see me in one of the camps."

What positions do you play on the football field and the hardwood?

"I play both safety and cornerback along with outside linebacker in football. In basketball I play both point guard and shooting guard."

What position has Georgia Tech been recruiting you to play?

"Coach Kelly has told me they like to see me play the rover or wolf position in football. He feels with my athleticism I can bring a lot to that position."

What are your measurables?

"Right now I am close to 6'4" and weigh 220 pounds and run a 4.5 forty."

Dale's Take:
Patrick was a great interview. You can tell he knows all about Georgia Tech as he knew a lot of the current players and recalls a lot of the players from his dad's time on the Flats. Georgia Tech is one of his top schools and he knows he could play both sports at Tech. He has a lot of decisions to make, which sport he wants to play in college and which college is the best for him in that sport.

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