Ty-Meer Brown Sets Summer Circuit

McKeesport, Pennsylvania quarterback Ty-Meer Brown is one of the top 2010 athletes in western Pennsylvania. Ty-Meer is drawing a lot of interest from schools in the East and Midwest. His visits this summer will play a big role in determining his leaders going into his senior season.

Ty-Meer Brown - Profile

How have your spring workouts been so far?

"We have just finished our weightlifting and conditioning and now we will start our 2 weeks of spring practice. I am ready to get back out on the field, as it has been too long. Like the rest of the team, I am ready to start football again."

How has recruiting been for you this spring?

"It has been good, very good. I don't have any offers yet but I am hearing a lot from Georgia Tech. Other schools I have heard from are West Virginia, Michigan State, Cincinnati, Iowa, Minnesota, Buffalo, Akron, Purdue, Indiana, and Michigan."

Have you set up any camps?

"My high school ends on June 3rd so I know I will be hitting camps in early June. I know I will be at Georgia Tech's camp on June 9th/10th. I will also be going to the ones at West Virginia and Cincinnati. I might make the ones at Buffalo and Michigan State but I'm not too sure I will make them or not."

What has you interested in Georgia Tech? They are the only one that is not in the Northeast or the Midwest.

"Well, Georgia Tech has shown some interest in me and they run an offense that I am pretty familiar with. We run a lot of the same formations Tech runs. We have the multiple formations out of the triple option and wishbone offense. Plus, I am really looking forward to getting out of the state of Pennsylvania."

So distance is not a problem?

"No sir not at all. The only thing might be is when my parents want to see me play, then the distance might play a factor but I don't see distance being a negative for any school if I really like the school."

Do you have any favorites right now?

"No sir not at all. I've only been to West Virginia and I plan on visiting a lot of schools to see what they all have to offer before I will even consider a team a leader."

Do you have a major in mind for when you enter college?

"I know I will go into business and I am looking at a school that has a good business school."

What factors will play into you college decision?

"I will look at what type of offense they run, playing time will enter into the equation, and the relationships I have with the coaches there. I want a solid and good relationship with them. I feel that is important."

What do you think your strong points?

"I feel I can run the ball very well. Also, in the triple option, I can make very good reads in getting the ball in the right players' hands."

What areas would you like to improve?

"I feel I need to work on my passing. We do not practice our passing game that much so that is one area I need to work and improve on."

Have you set a time frame for when you want to have a decision made for your college choice?

"I will wait until signing day to make my decision. I will have a lot of schools to evaluate and I want all the time I can get to make sure I make the right decision, not a hastily made one."

Dale's Take:
Ty-Meer really sounded like he was ready to put the pads on right then to hit the field. He has a lot of schools to visit and will be using the summer to visit a lot of schools. He told me he is looking forward to seeing what all the schools have to offer and what type of relationship he has with coaches and players.

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