Green Takes GT Visit, Picks Up Offer

Grayson High School defensive tackle Shawn Green made a quick trip to Georgia Tech on Friday. Shawn got an up close look at the campus, facilities, and met with some members of the coaching staff.

Shawn Green - Profile

How was your trip to Georgia Tech?

"It went very well. I got a chance to tour the facilities and see how the campus was set up. It was much different than I expected. There were a lot of new buildings and everything was nice and top notch. I also got a chance to talk to the coaches. I mainly spoke with Coach Giff Smith and Coach Paul Johnson. I also talked with Coach Jeff Monken."

What did you like about the campus the best?

"Without a doubt the weight room and the academic centers for the football players were the two things I liked the most. The weight room is great, all new stuff and awesome equipment. The academic center for the football players was very, very nice. I know they take their academics seriously there."

What did the coaches have to say to you?

"Coach Smith talked to me about where on the defensive line I would be playing. He said I would play the 3 gap or 2 wide position. He let me know how much they want me on the team and for me to keep in close contact with him and keep him apprised of my recruitment as Georgia Tech is a school that is very interested in me. I then talked with Coach Johnson and he restated how much of an addition I would bring to the team. He extended me a written offer and told me to take my visits and make sure when I decide that the school I decide on is the one I want. He said he wants me at Georgia Tech."

So how would you rate the visit overall?

"I had a really good time and like I said it was much different than I was expecting. I came away with a different view of the school and everything. I like them a lot as they are close to home."

Who went with you on the trip?

"My Mom and Coach from high school went with me. My Mom really loved the trip even if she did have to leave a little earlier than I did. She really likes Georgia Tech."

How many offers do you have to date?

"I have 16 offers to date."

Do you have a top list of schools or some schools that lead others at this point?

"No sir, I can't say that I do as it is still a little early to name leaders."

What is up next for you?

"Well I have my spring game tonight. Other than that I am not sure exactly what I will be doing. I know I will be going to summer camps but I haven't decided on which schools I will be attending."

Have you set a time frame for a decision on which school you will choose?

"I sort of have. If I don't make a decision before the season starts, it will be made sometime in the middle or just before the end of the season. I don't see it going out any longer than that."

Dale's Take:

Shawn had a very good time at Georgia Tech today. Although he was very quiet in speaking, you could tell he liked the trip and enjoyed his time there. He picked up another offer to go with the ones he had before visiting Georgia Tech and he has a lot of evaluating to do over the summer to come to a decision. I wouldn't count out the Yellow Jackets in his recruitment from here on out. Top Stories