Ryan White Hopes To Attend GT Camp

Tallahassee, Florida's Lincoln High School has one of the most sought after quarterbacks in the state in Ryan White. Ryan talked about his high school spring practice and what he has planned in regards to his recruiting process and when he will announce his college choice.

Ryan White - Profile

How did your spring practice go for Lincoln High?

"It went real well. We had a great practice and we came together even more as a team. We are looking forward to the fall and are ready to play."

Sounds like you and your teammates have high expectations for the season?

"Yes sir, we do. As a team, we feel we can and will go undefeated. I feel that if each and every one of us does their job we will do very well and go undefeated."

What plans do you have for June and the rest of the summer as far as recruiting visits and camps?

"I know I will be going to a couple of camps and schools for visits. I'm not sure which ones they will be at this point. Hopefully over the course of the summer I will be able to make about four visits total but at this time I feel that two will be in the works for now. I will be busy doing workouts and that will cut into my time that I can visit schools, but I feel I will be able to get in a couple of visits if not more."

What schools are you looking at right now?

"The main schools I am looking at right now are Georgia Tech, East Carolina, Arkansas, Indiana, South Carolina, South Alabama, Southern Miss, and Ole Miss. Right now all these schools are pretty even in my eyes."

Are all of the schools looking at you as a quarterback?

"Most of them are but Ole Miss and South Carolina are recruiting me as a slot back."

I know Georgia Tech is having position camps on June 7th through the 10th and their elite camp on the 13th, will you make either of those camps?

"I hope to make the elite camp on the 13th as Georgia Tech is one school I like. I know they run the triple option and the quarterback gets to run the ball a lot and can throw the ball a fair amount of times. It all depends on what my high school coach has me doing as far as workouts go whether I can make it or not."

Do you have a preference on what type of offense you play?

"No sir, not at all as long as the team and coaches can get me better as a player and prepared for going to the NFL. I have aspirations of playing on the next level after college. I like an offense that allows the quarterback to be able to run as well as be able to throw the ball around 20 times a game."

What will you are looking for in a school?

"I want to get to know the coaches and players better. I want to feel comfortable at that school and be at one that is successful on the field. I want to get better as a player and go to a school that will get me to have all around improvement as a player and a person."

Do you have a time frame for making your college choice?

"I will probably be waiting until National Signing Day to make my decision. To be honest, how I play as a quarterback this year in high school will play a big part in when I make my decision. It definitely will have an impact on my decision."

Dale's Take:

Ryan was a pleasure to interview. He was very upfront as to what he was looking for and when he will decide on a school. He knows he wants to be at a school that has very good coaches and wants to be in an offense that will make him better and showcase his talents as well. His high school coach has him on a strenuous workout program this summer so that will impact how many visits he will be able to get in for the summer. One visit he hopes to make is to the Georgia Tech elite camp on June 13th.

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