Two-Sport Athlete Kony Ealy Names Top 3

New Madrid, Missouri defensive end Kony Ealy has high expectations for his senior year. His summer will be spent taking visits and playing AAU basketball. Kony talks about those plans and names his leaders.

Kony Ealy - Profile

How does your high school team look for your senior year?

"We are looking good. Our spring practice went very well. We are are a young and fast team and the players are coming together great. We have high expectations."

How about your recruitment, how has it been going for you?

"It is looking up right now. I have been talking to a few teams and have a couple of visits set up and hope to have another set up real soon."

What visits do you have set up right now?

"Right now, I am going to Ole Miss this upcoming weekend and I will know in a few days if another visit will take place. I'm just not sure right now."

You mentioned that you have a visit you would like to make, where would that be?

"I would like to go to Georgia Tech for either their position camp or their elite camp. I have to sit down and talk with both my high school coach and the coaches at Georgia Tech to make sure I can get there. It is one visit I would like to make though."

Do you have a top list of schools at this point?

"Yes sir, I do. I have a top three that I like better than the rest. Georgia Tech, Memphis and Missouri are my top three."

When it gets down to making visits, have you decided which schools you will go to, either unofficially or officially?

"I'll probably make unofficial visits to schools around where I live like Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri and Arkansas. Schools like Georgia Tech that are a good ways away from home probably will get my official visits."

I notice you mentioned Georgia Tech a couple of times, how did they get on your list?

"I've been to Atlanta a few times and Coach Wommack, who is my recruiting coach for Tech, has been recruiting me and I like him. I stay in contact with him and hope to get to know them better as time goes on."

I know you are good as a basketball player and your AAU team is playing in Augusta. Do you want to play both in college?

"Yes sir, I really would like to play both if I can. I like both sports a lot."

Have you set up a time frame for making a choice on your college?

"Right now, it looks like I will be making my decision after my football season. I don't want to rush into a decision."

What are you looking for in a college?

"The biggest point or factor is education. I want a school that has a good business school or degree, as I will major in business in college. I'd like for the school to have a good atmosphere and I want to feel comfortable on the campus."

Dale's Take:

Kony was very quiet during our interview, but he opened up as we got to talking more. He already has a plan on how he will visit schools and three schools are on top of the rest. The school that has a good combination of a business degree and a good campus setting will be in the driver's seat for his services. Top Stories