Lamar Ivey Has a Busy Week Planned

Mebane, North Carolina athlete Lamar Ivey that is being recruited by many schools. Ivey is being recruited to play quarterback, wide receiver and cornerback. Lamar talks about his plans for the busy week that lies ahead.

Lamar Ivey - Profile

How has your recruiting been going?

"It has been real good. I am going to be very busy this next week or so as I have three camps lined up to attend."

What camps are you going to over the next week?

"This Sunday I will attend a camp at Wake Forest. Then on Monday night I will head to Atlanta for Georgia Tech's camp. Finally on the 13th I will head over to Duke for the Blue Devil camp."

How many offers do you have to date?

"Right now, I have two, one from East Carolina and one from West Virginia. However, the coaches at the camps I will attend are telling me to look for offers while I am at their camps. The coaches at Georgia Tech say that Coach Johnson likes to see his offensive players in action at camps and meet them before he offers."

Do you have any favorites right now?

"I like West Virginia a lot and as I was growing up North Carolina was my favorite team, they were always number one in my eyes. Now that I know the coaches at the other schools I feel I will like them a lot too. I really like the coaches at Georgia Tech, especially Coach Spencer and Coach Wommack. I like the coaches at Wake too. I know at Duke you can get a good education as well as you can at Georgia Tech. Coach Spencer told me that 1 out every 6 Tech grads goes on to become millionaires and that is something I really like hearing."

Where are you being recruited to play?

"A lot of the schools are recruiting me to play defensive back. West Virginia has told me that they like me at defensive back, the slot, and wide receiver. I know Coach Johnson wants me to come in as a quarterback. So basically I am being recruited to play almost everywhere. Basically I'm an athlete."

Have you set up a time frame for when you want to decide on a college?

"Not really. When I get that feeling that I fit in best, is when I will make a decision. It could be just around the corner or a good ways down the road. Most likely I will be deciding sometime during my football season."

What will be the main factors that will determine you college choice?

"My education will be the most important factor. I want a quality education. I will be majoring in either mechanical engineering or architecture. That has to come first. Also, I want to be fairly close to home so my family can come to see me play and I don't want to go a long ways away in case I get a little homesick. A good location is important too. Having something to do and being around good places and people is important. Lastly, I want the college to be a good fit for me."

How did you spring workouts go?

"It was a good workout. We are installing a new offense. We will be using the spread from the shotgun to run a triple option offense. We installed a fair amount of plays and had a good time this year."

Dale's Take:

Lamar was ready to hit the camps. He is excited about going to these camps and hopes to come away with three new offers. He told me that he has made a good relationship with the Georgia Tech coaches and the Wake coaches so these two camps are ones that can make a lasting impression on this versatile athlete. Top Stories