Morgan Bailey's Recruitment Is Taking Off

With his recruitment beginning to take off, Loganville offensive lineman Morgan Bailey has decided to leave open the date that he'll make his college choice. Bailey also talked about the two ACC visits that he has planned for the coming week.

Morgan Bailey - Profile

Morgan, how has the recruiting process been for you thus far?

"It has been very good. I've picked up 14 offers so far and I'm also hearing from a number of other schools."

What are your newest offers you have received?

"The newest offers are Duke, Michigan State, and Florida State."

With 14 offers, do you have a top five or a list of favorites at this time?

"No sir, I don't. Everything is happening so fast right now that I am just sitting back and seeing what is out there and going from there."

What camps have you set up so far?

"Well, I am going to Clemson on Monday of this week, and I hope to make it to Georgia Tech's elite camp later this week."

I was told you have received a text from a recruit wanting you to come to Georgia Tech, is that correct?

"Yes sir, Denzel McCoy has sent me texts wanting me to come to Georgia Tech with him."

Would you say you and Denzel have become pretty good friends during this recruiting season?

"Yes sir, you can say that. We've become pretty good friends thus far."

In one of your last interviews you stated you had a time frame for a decision. Is that still the case?

"No sir, not anymore. Like I said before, everything is happening so fast and so many teams are involved, I have decided to wait and make a decision when I feel it is the right time and the right team for me. I just want to be sure I make the best decision for myself."

Dale's Take:

Morgan is playing it close to the vest right now, as more teams have entered the picture. He isn't tipping his hand as to which way he is leaning. He will use this time to get more familiar with all the teams recruiting him. Look for more from Morgan as we will talk about his Clemson visit and him setting up to go to Georgia Tech. Top Stories