Desi Brown Goes Camping

Norwood, North Carolina's Desi Brown continues his summer visits. We caught up with the South Stanly HS quarterback and his Dad as they were heading to Atlanta to participate in Georgia Tech's skill position camp. Desi spoke about what schools have offered him and a few new schools showing interest.

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How has the summer been thus far?

"It has been very good. We (Desi and his Dad) just got back from Wake Forest for their camp and workouts this past Sunday. Right now we are driving down to Atlanta to take part in the Georgia Tech camp for skill players."

Do you have any other camps planned?

"I think the only other camp I will attend will be the one at North Carolina State and that will be all the camps I take part in this summer unless something comes up and I can go."

Who have you been in contact with at Georgia Tech?

"I talk to Coach Spencer a lot. He has told me all about Georgia Tech and how Coach Johnson wants to see the offensive players in camps before he offers. I am really looking forward to this camp a lot. It will be an interesting one."

How many offers do you hold right now?

"I have four offers. They are from Wofford, East Carolina, Arkansas, and Louisville."

Are they any other schools showing interest in you and have stepped up their recruitment of you?

"Yes sir there sure has. Georgia Tech, North Carolina State, UCLA, Wake Forest, and Alabama have all shown a lot of interest in me and have been recruiting me a lot lately."

Do you have a list of your favorites or a top five?

"No sir, I am pretty much open right now as my recruitment has been picking up a lot lately."

When it gets time to choosing a school, what will be the main factors in making your decision?

"Right now I want to go to a school that I have a good relationship with the coaches and feel real comfortable at the school. I'd like to major in engineering, maybe electrical engineering so a school with that type major would be a huge plus to me."

How about a time frame, do you have one that you have set for making your college choice?

"No sir, not at this time. I am pretty open as to when I will make my decision. If a school comes along and I feel it is the right fit for me, I could go ahead and make that decision but right now I am leaving that part of my recruiting process open too.

Dale's Take:

Desi was pretty quiet as he and his Dad were heading to Atlanta. He did show a lot of excitement in his voice when we talked about Georgia Tech's camp and what to expect from Coach Johnson and how he runs a camp. He is looking forward to making his mark while he is there. Top Stories