LB Michael Taylor Still Sorting Things Out

Westlake linebacker Michael Taylor is ready for a busy summer. He has a couple of camps to attend and a lot of campus visits to make this summer before heading back to school in August. Michael wants to have a decision made before or during the early part of his senior year. The visits he makes will be very important fact finding ones.

Michael Taylor - Profile

Has your summer been a busy one thus far?

"Yes sir, it has. It's been fine thus far and I expect it will be a busy one before it is over. We just got back from LSU for a visit there and tomorrow we will be leaving out to go to Miami for a camp there and on the way back we stop by UCF to check them out. I'm pretty sure we (Michael and his coach and family) will be going to all the schools that have offered me for campus visits. Maybe we'll go to some that haven't offered."

Do you have a top list of schools that are above the others in your pecking order?

"Not really, one day I wake up and think this school is the best one and the next day it will be a different one. I think the best way to handle this is to make sure I see all the schools I am really interested in and make sure I know the most I can about the school before eliminating a school or saying this school is the best for me."

How about the in-state schools, Georgia Tech and Georgia?

"My Mom likes Georgia and a teammate of mine will accompany me to a visit to Georgia Tech as I want to take in the full campus experience. I know from others that the campus is a lot different than it looks from the outside. I want to get all the info on both schools to see where they stand compared to the others."

When you go on a visit and it is one that is very good, does your opinion of that school change when you get home and have time to really let the experience of the visit set in?

"Yes sir, that is so very true. I can go on a visit to a school and have the best time of my life and feel that the school is the perfect one for me. By the time I get home and had a few days to think about the trip and the school, reality sinks in and I see that I need to keep everything in perspective and make sure I see all the schools I am interested in before making this big decision. I really need to see all the schools to see which one is the best fit for me."

What will be the main factors in making your decision?

"To be honest, a little bit of it all. How I get along with the coaches. How I fit in with the new and current players. How I feel while I am there, is a good comfort fit for me? If I work hard and prove myself will I get playing time as a freshman? All of these things all added up would be what directs me to making the best decision for myself. Also, I'd like to sit down and talk it over with my Mom and get her input as well."

Has your time frame for making your decision changed any?

"Not really. I plan on making my decision before my senior year of football starts or real early in the season. I don't see it dragging out any longer than that at this point."

Dale's Take:

Michael was he usual upbeat self and was getting ready for his drive down to Miami. He and his coach will take in the trip as his coach graduated from a Miami high school and really knows the area well. Also, Michael plans on making many campus visits after getting back, so he has a lot to compare when making his college decision. Top Stories