Aaron Clark Impresses At GT Camp

St. Anne's – Belfield School running back Aaron Clark arrived at Georgia Tech Wednesday for the second day of their skill camp. Before leaving for his home in Garner, North Carolina, Clark had a quick chat with GoJackets.com to talk about the camp and to update his recruitment.

Aaron Clark - Profile

What was your impression of the camp?

"I was impressed with the way Coach Johnson interacted with the campers. I hadn't seen that on my other visits."

How would you rate your performance?

"I was very satisfied with my times. I thought I did well."

What are your plans for the rest of the summer?

"I'm going to Virginia on June 26th then I'll be going to Wake Forest on July 12th. I might go to Richmond but I'm not sure about that yet."

What are you looking for in a school?

"Academics are the first thing I'm looking at. I want to go into engineering. That's why I'm looking at Georgia Tech and some of the other schools. I'm also looking for great coaches who are good at motivating their players. I am also looking for a school with a running offense."

Do you have any leaders at this time?

"Not really but Georgia Tech, Virginia, and Wake Forest are three schools that I'm looking at now."

Did you get a chance to talk to any of the coaches while you were at camp today?

"I talked to Coach Monken the running backs coach, Coach Johnson, and Coach Wommack. Coach Monken said he'd be talking to me soon."

Do you plan on making any return trips to Tech?

"I'd like to come down during the season to see a game if that's possible."

Rod's Take:

I had a chance to watch Aaron while he was testing. He showed great explosion with his vertical jump of 35.5". He also showed good route running ability in the passing drills for the running backs at camp. On more than one occasion, he exploded past the defensive back. Aaron's senior season will probably play a big role in determining how his recruitment unfolds. He's had good camps and combines, but schools may want to see him perform in games this season.

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