Bostic Goes Public With His Decision

Jefferson County's big time athlete B.J. Bostic has apparently had some news for fans of a particular school for a while. Today he decided to go public with his commitment. Which school is picking up this versatile athlete?

B.J. Bostic - Profile

How is recruiting going for you?

"Well you can say it has been great. I committed to Georgia Tech and went public with it today."

You say you went public with it today, does that mean you have been committed for a while now?

"Yes sir I have. I have been talking with Coach Johnson a lot over the past two weeks and told him that I had made up my mind and wanted to let him know personally. We both agreed to keep it between ourselves, and when I felt it was time to go ahead and make it public I could. I could tell Coach Johnson was very glad to know this and was very happy and excited, as was I about this decision. Later, I texted the other coaches and let them know and then called Coach Smith to let him know personally on the phone. He was very excited to know and was very happy to hear I was coming to Georgia Tech."

I know you were being recruited to play multiple positions, where will you play at Georgia Tech?

"I am going to be at cornerback for the Yellow Jackets. I like playing there and feel I can come in and hopefully make a difference real soon. I am glad to be a part of the talented defensive backfield that Georgia Tech has."

In the past when we had talked, your Aunt, Chris Crenshaw's Mom, had really been on you recruiting you for Tech, I know she'll be happy.

"Yes sir, she sure will. She has been telling both Chris and I that she looks forward to seeing us play together once again and that Tech was the place for me all along no matter what (laughing)."

Coach Johnson has a policy once you commit you are through with visits to other schools. Are you cool with this?

"Oh yes sir, I sure am. I am through making any visits to any other schools and I am 100% committed to Georgia Tech."

What made you decide to go public with your decision now?

"To tell you the truth, the recruiting was becoming all about me. This is my last year of high school football and I really want to get down and concentrate on helping my high school team be the best we can be. I want to make my last year there about the team and not about me (from the recruiting standpoint). I don't want any distractions from us making the playoffs and hopefully winning the state title. I am a team player and I felt the team needed all my attention."

Well, have the Tech coaches talked with you about what they want you to prepare for or work on before you get to Atlanta next year?

"No sir, not yet. In fact we will talk about that this Saturday when I attend the elite camp at Georgia Tech. I want to get everything cleared up and ready for me to work on because I feel that what they want me to do will make me a better player this year for my high school season too."

Dale's Take:

B.J. was extremely happy to let everyone know his decision and was glad to get it out. He is looking forward to playing football with his cousin Chris again. Top Stories