Ryan Ayers Interview Transcript

Four-star cornerback Ryan Ayers had offers from many of the top programs prior to giving his verbal to Georgia Tech on June 19th. Before committing to the Yellow Jackets, Ryan took some time out from GT's Elite Camp to speak with GoJackets.com. We take a look back at what Ryan was thinking before making his decision.

How's it going today Ryan?

"It's going good."

You're at the Georgia Tech camp today. Any thought of participating today or are you just stopping by to see some of the guys and see how they look?

"Right now I'm just checking out and observing everybody. I might get on the field in a little bit."

I saw you get in line for the forty. I thought maybe you were going to run.

(Laughing) "No, I just wanted to watch my brother run."

How did he do today?

"I think he ran a 4.7 or a 4.6."

So you're still the fastest one in the family?


What have you run lately?

"I haven't run it lately but my last forty was 4.31."

I saw a lot of other guys here that aren't participating in the camp. Did you get to hang out with them?

"Yeah, I talked to I.J. (Isaiah Johnson). He just committed. We're real good friends."

What's new in recruiting?

"Nothing new, I'm just looking at all the schools and going to camps."

Do you have anything new coming up the rest of the summer?

"No, not really."

Is this the last stop the rest of the summer?

"No, I think there will be a few more stops. I'll see later."

Which schools are you looking at the most right now?

"Right now it's Georgia Tech, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and Auburn."

All those schools have offered?

"Yes sir."

Do you have any new offers the last month or so?

"No sir."

How many offers do you have total now?

"I guess it's close to twenty now."

What the time frame for a decision. Are you not in a hurry to make a decision? Will you make it during the season?

"I'm trying to make a decision before the season starts so all the recruiting won't interfere with my school work and my play on the field."

What factors are you looking at in making that decision?

"Somewhere I can stay for four or five years and get my degree."

Do you have any idea what you want to study?

"I'm trying to get into sports medicine."

How's your team looking this year and are you looking forward to playing offense or defense?

"We're looking good. I'm just looking forward to getting on the field with the team."

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