Catlin Alford Interview Transcript - Part 1

Prior to Georgia Tech's elite camp, there were rumors that if Adairsville offensive lineman Catlin Alford received an offer that he might commit. We take a look back at Catlin's views on the camp's first session and his recruitment prior to giving Georgia Tech his verbal that evening.

Catlin Alford - Profile

How did it go in the first hour and a half go this morning?

"It went good. We did the forty, the shuttle. I think I did petty good in those. We just got finished with the position drills. I think I did pretty good on those."

Tell us about the drills. How do you think you performed in those?

"I think I did pretty good in the O line drills. I got off the ball pretty quick. I think the coaches were real impressed with that."

Where they helping you with instructions during the drills? Were they helpful for you in the long run?

"Yes sir, they were helping us with foot placement and things like that."

Which coaches did you work with today?

"I worked with Coach Spencer and Coach Sewak."

What's going on with you in recruiting lately?

"I got two ACC offers and two 1AA offers. I just hope to pick up more."

What ACC offers do you have?

"Georgia Tech and North Carolina State"

When did Georgia Tech offer you?

"They offered me this morning."

Whom did you talk to about the offer?

"Coach Johnson"

What did he tell you about you and Georgia Tech and the numbers?

"He said I'd be a great fit. He said they're only taking three offensive linemen so I think I need to commit pretty soon."

What position did they say they like you at?

"Tackle or guard"

What are your plans for the rest of the summer? What other stops do you have coming up?

"Duke on the 20th, North Carolina State on the 24th, and I think East Carolina on July 17th."

Any other offers that you're hoping for?

"I'm hoping for East Carolina and Middle Tennessee. I was up there earlier and I'm hoping for an offer from them."

What are you looking for in a school?

"Playing time that I can get pretty quick, academics, and things like that."

Which of the schools that you're looking at do you favor right now?

"Georgia Tech and North Carolina State are my top two."

If anyone else came in and offered, who would jump into that list?

"Probably Middle Tennessee but right now it's just those two schools. I really like them a lot."

How's your team looking for this season?

"We're looking good. We're working hard in the weight room and we're looking pretty good for this year."

Do you play on both sides of the ball?

"Yes sir, nose tackle and tight end."

What kind of numbers did you have last year?

"I had about 6 touchdowns at tight end and about fifty tackles."

You look more like an offensive lineman than a tight end. What are your height and weight?

"Yes sir, I'm about 6'3" and weigh 275."

Stay tuned for Part 2 of's Interview with offensive lineman - and Georgia Tech commit - Catlin Alford. Top Stories