Catlin Alford Interview Transcript - Part 2

After giving us his thoughts on the morning session of the Georgia Tech elite camp and talking about his recruitment, it just took some time to himself before Catlin Alford decided on his college choice. He gave a few short thoughts on how this came about.

Catlin Alford - Profile

You decided to pull the trigger since we last talked?

"Yes sir."

Did you go to them or did they come and ask you what you wanted to do?

"Coach Johnson was upstairs with my mom and they came and pulled me up there and I just decided to tell them. This is where my heart is at, and I love being here."

When did you decide in your mind?

"I sat here alone at lunch and thought about it the whole time. I decided it's real close to home and this is where I want to be."

So you're real excited about it?

(Laughing) "Yes sir."

No more worries about Middle Tennessee and East Carolina?

"No sir, not anymore."

Have you talked to any of the other recruits?

"B.J. Bostic just came over and talked to me. They're a pretty good group."

What is your relationship with the coaches?

"We have a great relationship. We've been talking since the spring. We stay in touch. We talk every week." Top Stories