Shawn Green Names Top Five

Grayson High School defensive tackle Shawn Green is nearing the end of his summer visits. His trip to Alabama was the most recent visit. Shawn talked about the trip and what he has planned for the rest of the summer and also lists a top five with two schools looking real good to him.

Shawn Green - Profile

How has your summer been thus far?

"It has been good. I made a trip over to Alabama on the 20th of June for a camp there. It was real nice and I had a good time but it was hot, very hot. I think they said it was the hottest day they have had to date."

Did you pick up an offer from them?

"No sir I didn't but the coaches there talked with my high school coach and said it was a good possibility that they would offer down the road. They had to see how their scholarships are playing out in regard to positions."

When we last spoke you had 16 offers. Have you picked up any since then?

"Yes sir, South Carolina was the latest to offer, bringing my total to 17 for the year."

Out of that 17 do you have a top five?

"Yes sir, I do. My top five would be Ole Miss, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Duke, and South Carolina."

Are those in order or no particular order?

"Well, you could say it is and it isn't at this point. I have a couple of schools that I feel I fit in better than the rest. That would be Ole Miss and Georgia Tech. I just feel like I fit in better with those two schools."

Do you have any more visits lined up before you head back to school for your senior year?

"On July 18th, I will go to Florida State for a visit and that most likely will be it for the summer. I've pretty much seen all I can see and the top five schools on my list will most likely be getting my official visits I have for the year. I can use those visits to learn more about the schools."

What will be your determining factors when you make your decision?

"You can say that the comfort level I feel when I am at that school will play a part as will my relationship with the coaches at those schools. Also, playing time can be a factor as I would like to be able to contribute to my team as quick as possible."

You mentioned that Georgia Tech was one school that you feel real comfortable with. Have they been recruiting you hard?

"Oh yes sir, they have. I talk to my recruiting coach, Coach Monken a good bit and I talk to Coach Smith, my position coach a lot. I like him a lot. He's a real cool guy and he knows how to coach a player."

Is your time frame for making a decision still the same?

"Yes sir, it is. I will either decide before my year starts in high school or shortly thereafter. I don't want it to drag out too long."

Dale's Take:

Shawn was very open about what teams were in his top five and especially two teams that he had a high comfort level with. He mentioned that he does like Coach Smith a lot and he knows that he has coached some good players in the past for Georgia Tech. Top Stories