Skole Looking at Two Sports

This summer has been a busy one for two-sport star Jake Skole. The Blessed Trinity athlete has been trying to balance playing baseball for the East Cobb Yankees and taking visits to the schools that are recruiting him for both sports. Skole talks about his favorites and his summer plans.

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How has the summer been?

"I've been playing in a tournament with the East Cobb Yankees and we were just eliminated this weekend. We reached the Elite 8 of the tournament but I guess it wasn't meant to be for us in this tournament."

How's the recruiting been coming along?

"It has been real hectic lately but still I feel it is going real well. I've set up a few visits and hope to make as many as I can before I head back to school. Basically over the last few weeks I've been setting up places and dates for visits."

Where are you going for visits?

"On the 18th, I will head down to FSU for their camp. I hope to take in visits to South Carolina, Virginia Tech, and Vanderbilt before the summer is gone."

Will you be visiting Georgia Tech?

"I've spent a lot of time at Georgia Tech with my brother. I know the campus and facilities real well. Coach Hall and his staff have shown me around and I feel real comfortable there and I know Tech real well so I might not make an official visit there but I know I will be going there some for unofficial visits. It's real close by so visiting Tech will not be a problem."

Are you being recruited to play football, baseball or both?

"All the schools know I want to play both sports at the college level so every school that is on my list is recruiting me to play both."

What positions are you being recruited to play?

"In football I am mainly being recruited to play defensive back and in baseball I am a centerfielder."

Do you have a top list of schools?

"Yes sir I would say that Georgia Tech, Georgia, FSU, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, and Virginia Tech are my top list of schools right now."

Does the fact that your brother plays baseball for Georgia Tech and the fact that their centerfielder was drafted give Tech an advantage?

"It would be great to play with my brother and I would really love to play with him again but he could be gone within a year of me getting there so it might not be that big of a factor. I have heard rumors that Jeff Rowland will be coming back but that wouldn't be a problem either. I know I would get my time."

What would be some of the main factors in making your choice?

"I think the main thing is how well the coaches of both sports get along with one another. I want both coaches to understand where and what I am doing in the other sport. How well they communicate with one another is very important as I will be playing both if at all possible in college."

Have you been talking to both sets of coaches at each school?

"I've talked with Jimbo Fisher just recently and I've spoken with their baseball coach. I've talked with both baseball and football coaches at Georgia Tech, Georgia, and South Carolina. I've only talked with the football coaches at Vanderbilt and Virginia Tech as they said I would be a walk-on for baseball."

Do you have a timetable for making your decision?

"I feel I will decide within the next month and a half. I want to take a few end-of-the-summer visits that might extend a couple of weeks into the school year but I don't see it dragging out any longer than that."

Dale's Take:

Jake was an extreme pleasure to talk with. He is a very well spoken young man and he really has his recruitment down pat. He knows what he has to do and what he wants to do as far as his recruitment is concerned. He wants to play with his brother but understands that he might be gone after his Junior year so he is looking at all possibilities and will get all the information he can so he can make the best choice for himself.

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