Ryan Smith Having A Busy Summer

Cordova, Alabama athlete Ryan Smith has been busy since we last talked. He's made visits to Alabama, Georgia Tech, and Vanderbilt. He also plans on making a visit to Kentucky later this month. Ryan talks about those visits and where he stands in his recruiting process.

Ryan Smith - Profile

How has the summer been so far?

"It has been real good. We have had some hot days but it has been a good one so far."

How about your recruiting? Has it picked up?

"Yes sir, it has. I have made visits to Alabama, Georgia Tech, and Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt offered while I was there and Alabama and Georgia Tech said that I should expect offers to come in real soon."

Which visit did you like the best?

"I will have to say Vanderbilt not just because they offered. I just liked everything I had a chance to do there. Don't get me wrong I really enjoyed the other trips too as they were real good. I had a chance to talk with the coaches a lot. Like Coach Saban said, he likes me as a defensive back and feels he could get me to the next level as a DB. Coach Johnson told me he liked me as a quarterback and I liked hearing that as we run a very similar offense at my high school. I feel I could come in right away and know a lot about the offense. I know I will still have a lot to learn but knowing the offense is a big help."

How many offers do you have?

"I have offers from Vanderbilt, Clemson, UAB, Marshall, Kentucky, and SMU."

Of all the coaches you have talked with, which one do you feel you like the best?

"Ah man you are really putting me on the spot (laughing). I have to say I do like them all as they are all good coaches. I would have to say though that Coach Paul Johnson was one that really stood out from the rest. He is real grounded and relates well to the players. He knows his offense and you know exactly where you stand with him."

Are all the schools recruiting you as a quarterback since you play that in high school?

"No sir, only Georgia Tech is recruiting me as quarterback. All other schools always say athlete when they talk recruiting with me. Coach Saban has mentioned defensive back as a position in some conversations."

If Georgia Tech were to offer, would they be a team you would look at real hard?

"I am already looking at them real hard but if they were to offer I would be that much more interested in them."

What will be the main factors in making your decision?

"I want to go to a school where I can quickly get into the system so I can get out on the field as quickly as possible. It's hard to help your team win on the sidelines and I want to be able to contribute as soon as I can. I know you have to earn it though. Also, I want to get a good education. That is very important. You have to have something to work with after college."

How about a time frame, do you have one set for making your decision?

"I'd like to have my decision made before my football season starts. Our first game is on August 28th and I want to have my recruitment out of the want by then."

I have one last question. Do you have a top team or top five?

"Right now I am pretty much wide open. All schools have different things to offer and each one has their pluses. I have some work to do but I'm pretty much open right now."

Dale's Take:

Ryan was very open about what schools he is looking at in his recruitment. He is very polite and easy to talk to as well. He is going to Kentucky for probably his last visit of the summer.

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