Why I Committed to GT - Part 3

GoJackets.com spoke with three members of Georgia Tech's 2010 recruiting class. All three tell how they came to choose the Yellow Jackets, providing a behind-the-scenes look at their recruitment. In Part 3 of this series, we spoke with the first of GT's Summer commits, CB B.J. Bostic.

Part 1 - Charles Perkins

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Jefferson County athlete B.J. Bostic plays quarterback, running back, slot back, and wide receiver. He does play defense but in high school he is considered an offensive player. Why did B.J. choose Georgia Tech to play defensive back when the likes of West Virginia and UCLA among others wanted him on offense? B.J. tells why he chose Georgia Tech.

When did Georgia Tech start recruiting you?

"It was early in my junior year. The staff at Georgia Tech was coming down a lot to see my cousin Chris Crenshaw but they always would stop by and talk with me or tell my coach how much they were interested in me. I met Coach Smith first and he told me that if I wanted to play defensive back that he felt I would be a high caliber Division 1-A player at that position. He said he had a scholarship with my name written on it if I wanted to come to Tech."

So, was Georgia Tech your first offer?

"Yes sir, they were. During the Florida State game, they gave me a verbal offer and on Junior Day, they made it completely official with a written offer. I had several since then but the first one is always special."

What made you decide on Georgia Tech since you are an offensive player and they wanted you at cornerback?

"Well, I had a great relationship with Coach Kelly. Of all the coaches at all the schools, I feel the most comfortable with Coach Kelly, not only as a person but also as my position coach. He is very honest and open with me. Coach Smith recruited me hard. He said he was going to make it hard for me to decide to go anywhere but Georgia Tech (laughing). Plus, I had my cousin Chris Crenshaw already there, and his mom was recruiting me as hard if not harder than any staff out there. She wanted me at Georgia Tech with Chris. I looked at the rosters in the NFL at receivers that were 5'10 or 5' 11" and saw that there weren't many, very few in fact. I felt that if I were to go to the next level, it would be on defense. I feel I have good size for corner and I am good enough to learn the position and get early playing time. Also, my high school coach and I made six criteria for going to a school. We wrote down all the schools that had offered me or I was interested in and looked to see which ones matched what we wrote down. We looked at academics, location, bowl games, winning tradition, and whether I wanted to play offense or defense. After going through the list, Georgia Tech, West Virginia and UCLA had checks in all categories. Coach asked if I wanted to play offense or defense, and I said defense so that eliminated West Virginia. I looked at Georgia Tech and UCLA and said that I could get what I wanted and more here at Georgia Tech than way across country at UCLA, so it was an easy decision once we got there."

When did you decide on Georgia Tech?

"About two weeks before their Elite camp in June, I called Coach Johnson and told him I wanted to commit. I knew they were only taking two cornerbacks, so I decided to get my spot on the team I felt was my next home. I asked him to keep it quiet until the camp, as I wanted to have some sort of gathering or celebration. In fact, we got together at a local Burger King and I let everyone know then. The whole town was glad I chose Georgia Tech. They were behind me in my decision. It was the best decision I made in my life. I am very ready to get to Georgia Tech. In fact, Charles Perkins and I will enroll in January and be roommates."

Has there been other schools trying to get you to reconsider?

"A.J. Harmon at Georgia told me that the coaches really wanted me to come up there on the 18th for a visit and he says that they will most likely offer if I do. The coaches called me and asked if I would come there. No more than 20 minutes after talking with them Coach Smith and Coach Kelly called and let me know that Georgia was just trying to get in late and steal away a recruit from Tech and that they felt Tech was my home. I told them they had absolutely nothing to worry about that I was not even thinking about going up there. I am a Tech man and ready to hit Atlanta and get on campus. In fact, Coach Kelly and I have set up a goal for me. My goal is to get in on the two deep on either the white or gold team or get playing time on special teams so by my sophomore year I will have a huge start on getting significant playing time."

Are you helping out with the recruitment of other recruits for Georgia Tech?

"Yes sir, I am. At the Elite camp, we were all over both Ryan Ayers and Anthony Williams to go ahead and commit. I thought Anthony was going to make a commitment, but he held off at the last moment. I told them that they could call me and we would talk recruitment and what Georgia Tech has to offer that other schools don't. It would be great to have a great class come in with me. Tech is building something special and there are a lot of athletes that want to be a part of that."

Dale's Take:

You can see that while Georgia Tech is getting three very talented athletes, they came to Georgia Tech in three different ways and some instances at a surprising time. Each had their own reason for choosing the Yellow Jackets, but in the end they all became very good friends and are helping GT with the recruitment of other top players.

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