Luallen: "It's been a long time coming."

Jordan Luallen's high school career ended with a frantic come from behind win in the Indiana state championship game. caught up with Jordan for an in depth interview about the transition from high school to college.

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What has been the biggest adjustment going from high school to college?

"I thought it was going to be the classes, but I'm doing pretty well in that. I'd say it's been the tempo of our workouts and the amount of legs we do. Coach Ciano puts a lot of emphasis on legwork. In high school, we didn't do much legwork and the tempo of the workouts is so much quicker. I feel like I've adjusted to it and I feel I've done pretty good so far."

Since you arrived at Georgia Tech, have you gotten bigger and stronger?

"Yeah, I think I have. When I left Indiana, I was benching 295. I did 275 three times today, so as far as upper body strength I feel like I've gotten a lot stronger. With my legs I need to work on that. I don't have very good form when it comes to squats. I feel like I've gotten a lot stronger and I'm more explosive than I've ever been. The few weeks that I have been here, I can tell an improvement."

Do you know how much you weight now?

"Yeah, I'm at 208 right now. I'm 6'3", 208."

Do you or the staff have a goal on where they want you to be weight-wise?

"I think right where I'm at now. I don't want to put on bad weight. I might put on a few more pounds because I know I'm going to loose weight when training camp gets here. For right now, I'm satisfied."

Are you still in class right now?

"We're still in class. We have two more weeks."

Do you have any goals set for yourself as far as what you want to accomplish?

"Obviously, it's going to be an adjustment trying to learn the offense. That's because we didn't do very much option in high school. We did a little bit but not too much. The principles are very different. I've been working with Lamar [Owens] a little bit and with Coach Bohannon a little bit watching some film about once a week. I'm just trying to get in there and I probably should be doing more but I'm trying to get work done with school because there's so much more of a load during summer school. My goal for camp is just to learn the offense and get everything down smooth just to get our there and compete. I just want to be able to do the best I can. Wherever that takes me is where I'll go."

Have the coaches given you any indication of what they want from you this year?

"Coach Johnson and Coach Bohannon have both told me that it's up to me. It's about what I do when I get out on the field. They're not going to promise anything and I don't expect them to at all. I wouldn't want to come to a place where they did. I want to work my hardest and earn what I get. They told me they're going to play the best players so if I happen to be one of those and I come out and do something good during camp and do better than one of the other quarterbacks then I will. They haven't indicated whether they'll red shirt me or not. It's up to how I do in training camp to see where I go."

Have any of the upperclassmen helped you with the transition?

"Everyone's been really cool. Nobody's been a jerk or anything. If you ask for help, they'll give you help. The other day, David [Sims] and I were out there with Lamar. He was teaching us some of the steps and Josh [Nesbitt] helped us out a little bit. I thought that was pretty cool since he had just gone running. He really didn't have to take his time to help us out, but he did. I'd also say Jaybo [Shaw]. He's been pretty cool with me. I've known him since I committed last year and we have a pretty decent relationship. He's always told me that if I needed anything that he'd help."

What are your impressions of your classmates thus far?

"They're great. Everybody's been working hard. There are a lot of guys that really really impress me. For instance, Robbie Godhigh. He's come in and has worked as hard if not harder than anybody. He goes out there in 7 on 7 and competes and does very well. I expect big things from him in the future. Everybody is just working as hard as they can. I think that this could be a really special class."

Have you had a chance to throw to Jeremy Moore and Stephen Hill?

"I've been out there a few times, probably four times or so. Both of them are unique in what they do. Both have those long strides. They're gaining a lot of ground but you can't tell. They're both very good and smooth receivers. You like that when you're a quarterback. They both run very good routes and turn around with their hands ready to go. They're both going to be very good I think."

Who are you rooming with and how has that worked out?

"I'm rooming with Stephen, Orwin [Smith], and Robbie. That's working out really well. We're all getting along really well. We hang out, help each other, and get each other up in the morning. I take them to workouts. It's been good."

How many classes are you taking and have you got any results back?

"I'm taking two right now. I have a history class and I'm taking English as well. My history class we've taken one test and I have one on Wednesday. I got an "A" on my first test. I was pretty proud of that for my first college test. In English we haven't got our first paper back but I bugged the teacher. I think I was in his office every day getting advised on what to do. I feel I did pretty well on that one. I feel pretty positive about my classes."

How do you like college life so far?

"It's great. I have more freedom. I have to budget my time on my own which is something I'm not really used to doing. I feel like I've matured a lot in my study habits. I think that's been the biggest thing for me. When I was in high school, I'd go home and not do my homework. I'd wait until the next morning. I could get by doing that so I put it off until the last minute. Now as soon as I get back from class I start doing my homework and then in study hall I can start working on something else. I can work on a paper or study for my next test. I think I've adjusted really well."

When you got here, did you have anything you wanted to work on to improve your game?

"There's always room for improvement for a quarterback. The one thing I wanted to do was improve my reads. I've been trying to get that down because I know it's a lot different doing it in slow motion with no defense then when you get against a division one defense like Georgia Tech's it's a lot different. The speed of the game is a lot different. I wanted to be able to slow things down as much as I could so that when I get out there things aren't just crazy. Lamar and Coach Bohannon have both helped me do that. Hopefully when I get into camp I'll have a little bit to fall back on."

When do you wrap up the conditioning segment of the summer?

"I think our last day is July 24th. We then have a week off before we get into practice."

I guess you're looking forward to practice?

"Oh yeah. I've been looking forward to that ever since I committed last March. It's been a long time coming."

Have you had a chance to keep up with recruiting for the 2010 class?

"I have. I read your articles. I've always done that since I was a young kid. I talk to Denzel [McCoy] quite a bit, and he lets me know what's going on. I still get my info and find out what's going on." Top Stories