Jackson: "I've Adjusted Really Well"

Coming out of Farragut High School in Knoxville, Tennessee, Will Jackson was considered one of the most technically sound offensive linemen in the nation. Will talks about his adjustment to college life, what he's working on to get ready for camp, and his thoughts on early playing time.

Will Jackson - Profile

How has your first month on campus been?

"It's been great. I've adjusted really well. A lot of the upperclassmen have been real helpful in the transition. Our freshman class has really started to gel. We're really cool with each other. I've had a great time so far."

Have you pretty much stayed the same size as you were in high school?

"Yeah, my weight has been fluctuating a little bit. I think the first week I was here I weighed 292 and the next week I was 286. I'm back up to 292 so I've consistently in the 285 to 290 range."

Have the coaches talked to you at all about what their plans are for you?

"Not really. I haven't had much time to talk to the coaches. Looking back at recruiting, they told us we'd start out at center and move out. They said I'd likely start out at guard but tackle isn't out of the realm of possibilities."

Do you have any goals for your first year or what you want to accomplish?

"Obviously I'm a competitor and playing time is a goal of mine. To play at the BCS level and play on the offensive line, you have to be pretty special. I know that's working against me and if I don't get to play I won't be disappointed. Having an extra year to work won't hurt."

Have you had a chance to work on technique that is required for the offense?

"A little bit. Some of the older guys like Dan Voss and Sean Bedford have been real helpful in trying to reach out to us younger guys. They have their sessions on Wednesday nights where they work on the offense. They invited us to tag along one night. They stayed after and showed us some of the plays to give us a head start coming into camp."

Have you had a chance to watch any film?

"Not yet but I'll probably try to get up there later this week."

What are your impressions of the athletic ability of the freshman class?

"They're all outstanding players and athletes. You really can't pick a weak link in our chain. Everybody is strong. This definitely looks like a pretty strong freshman class."

I know you knew Beno and Finch coming into school. Have you had a chance to get together with Foster?

"Oh yeah, I love Foster. He's a great guy. The first time I met him was on move-in day. I've gotten to know him since then. He's definitely a great friend."

How has the weight room and conditioning program been for you?

"It's a step up at least from what I'm used to. It's real intense. Coach Ciano stays on us the whole hour, hour and a half. They make sure we're busting it really hard. I've really enjoyed it so far. He really knows his stuff. He's helping us get bigger and stronger faster."

Have you had a chance to compare what you're doing in the weight room now as opposed to high school?

"I'm definitely pushing a lot more weight. Coach Ciano has shown us so many different techniques in all the lifts. It's definitely helped out all my lifts. We haven't maxed out yet, but I imagine we're all going to increase."

Who are you rooming with?

"It's Jay Finch, Raymond Beno, and Tyler Jarry, a running back from North Gwinnett. They're really great guys. We've had a great time so far."

I guess you're taking two courses this summer?

"Yes, I have an English class and a history class. Class size is definitely larger than my high school. There are 78 people in my history class so class size has been an adjustment. I like it so far."

Has it been an adjustment as far as time spent studying?

"In high school I got by. I guess I finished with a 3.8. I honestly never opened a book unless I had to. Here, I've been studying every day just to make sure I stay on top of things."

Is there anything specifically that you're working on to improve?

"My goal right now is to get stronger and faster and have the agility and strength to compete when I get to camp."

I guess you're looking forward to practice?

"Most definitely, it's the first time. I haven't had spring practice. It's been a year since I've been able to play a little football, so I'm looking forward to getting out there and seeing what it's like."

You mentioned Voss and Bedford have helped you. Is there anyone else that's been helping you?

"All the guys have helped. The first night we were here, all the offensive linemen went out to dinner and they invited us to come along. That was a great experience."

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