Walls Has Something To Prove

The loss of the two starting tackles and the primary backup has opened the door for four players heading into the 2009 season at Georgia Tech. Logan Walls is one of those players. Logan talks about the opportunities that he'll have heading into this season.

Logan Walls - Profile

Coming out of spring practice, have you had a chance to talk to the coaches about what they wanted you to work on this summer?

"Yeah, they wanted me to be more explosive and do more core work. I've been working on that this summer. I've been doing extra core work after the workouts."

Have they talked to you about their plans for the rotation on the defensive line?

"I can compete for a starting job for sure. If I'm not starting, then I want to be in the rotation and get some playing time."

I know in high school you had a leg injury. Do you feel you're back 100% now?

"Yes, I feel like I am."

What about your current weight?

"I'm somewhere between 287 and 292."

Is that where they want you to be?

"Yes, they want me to be in the high 280's or the low 290's."

Who are you competing with for the starting job on your side of the line?

"That would be Jason Peters."

I imagine there would be a three or four tackle rotation?

"Yeah, there will be at least three and probably four."

Have you set any goals for yourself coming into the season?

"I'd definitely like to compete for the starting job. I just want to hush…prove to everybody that we can play."

Have you talked about what you want to accomplish as a team this year?

"Win championships."

How have the summer workouts been going?

"They're going good. Tuesday nights 6 o'clock workout was probably the hottest but that makes you better."

Do you go out in specific groups?

"Yes, we go out in offense and defense groups."

How does that compare with what you were doing last year?

"I'd say it's pretty much the same conditioning."

I know you got some reps in last year. How do you think that's going to help you this year?

"It helps me with the speed of the game. The more you're out there the more it slows down and you don't have to think as much. In the beginning, I was going out there and thinking too much instead of actually playing."

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