Anthony Williams Dispels Rumors

Having returned from a visit to Florida State, Union Grove defensive end Anthony Williams dispelled some rumors and named a top three. Anthony also talked about a visit he'll be making this coming weekend.

Anthony Williams - Profile

Did you make the trip to Florida State this weekend?

"Yes sir, I did. My parents wanted me to go and we were able to get to Tallahassee on Saturday. In fact, we spent pretty much the whole day down there."

How did the visit go?

"It went very good. I had a chance to talk to all the coaches especially my position coach, Coach Allan. We spent the whole day down there learning more about what FSU has to offer as a school. Overall it was a good visit for me."

Do you have any other visits lined up after this FSU visit?

"Yes sir, I will be going to Florida this coming weekend. They haven't offered me yet so it will be an interesting visit. If they offer, it will make my recruiting decision even more difficult as they will be a team that I have to consider very much. Also, I was supposed to go to LSU today, but I didn't go as planned."

Did the FSU visit change your top schools as you had Georgia Tech and Auburn at the top of your list?

"I can't say the visit knocked those two schools out of the top nor did it put FSU at the top. If you had to make me choose a top three or five, I would put Georgia Tech, Auburn and FSU in the top three."

Are there any other schools you are seriously considering?

"I would say that I am hearing a lot from LSU and North Carolina State. I can't rule them out, but I don't know if you could say they are as high on my list as the other three. If Florida offers, they will be a school I would have to seriously consider. Next weekend will tell me a lot as far as my recruitment is concerned."

There is a rumor out there that you are a silent to Auburn. Is this true?

"No sir, that is not true at all and you can go public with that."

Another rumor out there is that you are upset with the Georgia Tech coaches over how they handled you with the recruitment of Henry Anderson. Is that true?

"I wouldn't say upset would be the word. I was more confused than anything. I was told that Anderson would be committing on a Monday and later that night, I found out he committed to Stanford. At first, I felt like I was being pressured to make a decision. Coach BJ (Brian Jean-Mary) called me and cleared things up. He said he wanted to keep me in the loop as Georgia Tech really wants me to be there and he thought Anderson was indeed going to commit and he wanted to give me a chance to make a decision. I am not upset with the coaches at all."

Are you sticking to your previous timetable for a decision?

"I feel I can play at a lot of places, so I will use the next two weeks to digest everything I can about all the schools. I could make a decision but it isn't a definite that I will. I might decide a few weeks into the season. I just need to make sure the decision I make is the best one for me. I will just see what way is the best for me at this time."

Dale's Take:

Anthony was very open about all situations concerning him. He dismissed both rumors around the recruiting circles about him and two of the schools that he is looking at the most. He will know more after his trip to Gainesville and the University of Florida this upcoming Friday. Top Stories