Chris Jackson Is Coming Home

Henry County athlete Chris Jackson is coming home. After starting his recruiting journey by giving his verbal to Georgia Tech, Jackson made a late switch to Alabama following the coaching change at Tech. After playing one season at Alabama, Chris is heading back to the Flats.

Chris Jackson - Profile

I understand you got some good news today?

"Yes sir, I'm transferring to Georgia Tech."

You got that news in a meeting with Coach Johnson today?

"Yes sir, he offered a scholarship in our meeting today."

What were your feelings going into the meeting?

"I went in with a positive attitude and I was going to listen to what he had to say."

What did the two of you talk about?

"We talked about getting my release. He also asked how I'd like it here. The meeting lasted about ten minutes. He also asked if I would be willing to play a-back. I said I'd play anywhere."

When did you first start thinking about transferring?

"After spring ball. I talked with Coach Saban about it. The talks were not serious at that time."

When did you decide to make the decision?

"I had two weeks off this summer. I came home and talked it over with the family. That's when I made the decision."

Was it a difficult process?

"It went well. Coach Saban took it well. He said I could go anywhere except SEC schools."

What were you feeling when Coach Johnson offered you the scholarship?

"I was glad to be back. I was also happy to be playing on offense."

What are you thoughts on playing a-back?

"I like it because I can catch passes, run, and block. I was surprised when he mentioned a-back. I'm willing to play wherever I can help the team."

What is the process now?

"I have to wait until my transcripts clear and then I'll be in school. I have a summer class that I have to finish on August 7th. That is my priority now and then I'll think about camp."

Have you talked to any of the players yet?

"I ran into Kyle Jackson and he's excited. I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone. I also want to thank Coach Johnson for giving me a second chance."

Have you had a chance to look at the offense?

"I've watched a few games and we watched some film of the Georgia game. I love the offense."

Do you want to say anything to the fans?

"I want to thank them for their support and for keeping up with me." Top Stories