Shawn Green Takes Visit, Names Leader

Shawn Green made an unexpected visit to Georgia Tech today. He went to get some answers to questions and to take a serious look at Georgia Tech. Did Shawn come away with a leader after this visit?

Shawn Green - Profile

Any new recruiting news?

"I made a quick trip over to Georgia Tech today. I visited them earlier but to be honest I didn't really take the first visit as serious as I should have. This one was one that I was able to learn more about Georgia Tech and answer some questions that I didn't ask before. I came away very impressed with what I learned."

Did you go first thing this morning?

"No sir, I went after my high school practice. Practice went good, as it wasn't as hot as usual so we decided to go over to Georgia Tech and get a better look at the school and facilities. It was one visit I needed to take as they are in my top three and I needed to know more about them."

What did you ask while you were there?

"I talked with Coach Smith a lot. I asked about how he coaches the defensive line. What type of drills he runs when he teaches the players and I also asked about the depth. I found out that Coach Smith coaches a lot like my coach in high school which is a big plus for me and Georgia Tech. I also talked with Coach Johnson and learned what he expects from the players and how he really looks at the players. I came away very impressed with all the answers. This really changed my outlook on Georgia Tech, very much."

Did this change your order of teams any?

"Yes sir, it did. Georgia Tech is now my leader with Ole Miss and Florida State pretty much tied for the second spot of my top three. I really like what I got to see and hear today at Georgia Tech."

So, what is next as I know you are through with unofficial visits?

"I will sit down and talk things over with my parents. They don't have a particular favorite, so wherever I go they will be happy for me. That is pretty much it for me."

Dale's Take:

Shawn was very upbeat about his trip to Tech and really enjoyed it today. He needed to get some answers that he didn't on his first trip and he accomplished that today. He now will talk with his parents and decide on his future but to me it seems that he is leaning towards Georgia Tech at this time. Time will tell as that is all is left for Shawn except for the three official visits he may or may not take to Georgia Tech, Ole Miss, and FSU. Top Stories