Stephen Hill: "I'm ready to get started."

WR Stephen Hill was one of the most talked about recruits heading into signing day. UGA made a last-minute push for Hill, causing Internet sites to buzz with speculation about which school he would choose. Hill made Georgia Tech fans happy by signing with the Yellow Jackets. Stephen talks about his summer and his goals for the season ahead.

Stephen Hill - Profile

How has the experience been so far at Georgia Tech?

"It's been great. I'm loving it, especially working hard. That's my biggest thing. I want to work hard to get bigger and stronger."

How are you progressing in the weight room?

"Big, I'm progressing every day."

Has there been any change in your weight or has it stayed the same?

"Oh no, I've actually gained weight. I've actually gotten stronger and a little bit bigger too."

I guess you haven't maxed out in the weight room yet?

"I actually just maxed out on the bench yesterday. I went like 230."

Do the coaches have a weight goal for you coming into camp?

"They haven't told me. I think they just want me to maintain my weight right now."

Have you had a chance to do any 7-on-7 and if so, how's that going?

"7-on-7 is going well. I'm getting adjusted to the plays, knowing what the plays are and of course the speed. Also, adjusting to the quarterbacks changing the formations. I'm really getting adjusted well."

Is the terminology much different than what you were used to in high school?

"It is different. It's a lot different. The thing that is good about that is that I played in the All-American Bowl and it showed me a lot. I'm starting to grasp the concept real good."

Have you had a chance to work with the quarterbacks?

"I've worked with all the quarterbacks."

I know you room with Jordan Luallen. Do you sit around and talk about the offense?

"We go over the offense and we work out and go over plays and run routes."

I guess the better you know the offense the easier it will be for you going into camp?

"It really is. I'm just ready to get started."

Have the coaches given you any indication what their plans are for you?

"Right now, they haven't given any indication. They just told all the freshmen that they'd see how things go in camp."

Is there anything you feel you need to work on to improve?

"Route running skills. I've blocked a lot in high school, but I'd like to be better at that too."

Do you have any goals going into camp or any things that you want to accomplish?

"I really want to work hard just like Calvin Johnson did when he was here. I've heard a lot about his working hard. That's what I really want to do."

Last season, Demaryius Thomas was the center of attention. Do you know which side of the field you'll be playing?

"I'll be on the opposite side."

So you hope to be able to take some of the pressure off him?

"Yes, yes."

I know all the freshmen are taking two courses this summer. How's that going?

"It's going well. I'm writing and typing papers. It's a lot more work than I did in high school, but it's going well."

I know a lot of people have been asking about whether you would take part in the track and field program. Has that been discussed?

"I've thought about just doing the long jump. I know it would be a big transition coming from football and jumping into track. I'll just play it by ear to see what Coach Johnson feels about that." Top Stories